Addressing Injuries with Trigger Point Therapy

One of the many things that differentiates Athletic Lab from other training centers is our holistic and comprehensive approach to human performance. We recognize that performance is the outcome of a myriad of factors including the physical (strength, speed, mobility, endurance, and coordination), psychological, and lifestyle (rest, nutrition, etc). One of the biggest limiters of performance for an athlete training on the edge is an unexpected injury. This is why we have aligned ourselves with several of the top medical and sports medicine professionals in the Triangle. It’s also why we have an in-house therapist, Julie Donnelly, who is an internationally renowned clinician, author, and instructor. Julie is great for treating (and teaching you how to treat) day to day aches and pains, fixing long standing problems, and even limiting the likelihood of bigger injuries. Julie has developed her own therapy technique known as Julstro for addressing Trigger points that limit performance and may eventually lead to an injury. You can learn more about Trigger Point Therapy in this informative blog from our friends at My Athletic Life. You can find more about Julie at her business website.

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