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2018 Memorial Day Schedule

In observance of Memorial Day, Athletic Lab will have a modified class schedule on Monday May 28th, 2018. Please be advised that the class schedule for Memorial Day will be as follows: Performance Fitness: Performance Fitness Foundations 9 am Performance Fitness Endurance 9 am Performance Fitness CrossFit 9:30 am Performance Fitness CrossFit 10 am Performance Fitness CrossFit 10:30 am Weightlifting 11 am Sports Performance Scholastic 10 am Open Gym 9 am-12 pm Thank you for your cooperation and have a safe Memorial Day weekend.

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Member of the Month: Jim Klopovic

Athletic Lab is made up of a diverse group of goal-oriented and hard-working individuals. That's why we take a moment each month to highlight one (or more) of our members in our member of the month feature. For the month of May, we've chosen Jim Klopovic. Jim is a member of our Performance Fitness Program and frequents our Senza (Bootcamp) class in the mornings and Yoga on Sundays. In his 70th year, Jim has an incredible outlook on life as you will get a glimpse of in the answers to his interview below. You can check out our previous members of the month here. Name:  James (Jim) Klopovic Age: 69 and living in my 70th year. Where were you born? Euclid, Ohio. What do you do when you're not working out at Athletic Lab (occupation, hobbies, etc)? I am fully retired from careers with the Air Force and the NC Governor’s Crime Commission (45 years total). And I am gainfully employed. I have the rare good fortune to be working for a company called the International Academy for Public Safety. We do on-line leadership education and development for law enforcement. Simply put, we are an answer to Ferguson and all the tragedies we see in the media. My main hobbies are shooting skeet and letters. I read – So many books, so little time. And I do a bit of writing. My latest book is The Honest Backpacker (www.honestbackpacker.com). The book is many motivations, not the least of which is to get into Nature as a Gateway to so much more, health, wellbeing and, yes, happiness. I fill in the spaces with a little travel and some hunting and fishing when I am invited. I am entertained by sampling [...]

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Performance Fitness Schedule Changes

Beginning on Monday May 14th, there will be a schedule change to our 7 am Performance Fitness classes. Please note that our schedule will change to the following: Senza: Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 7 am CrossFit: Tuesday and Thursday @ 7 am All other Performance Fitness classes will remain at the same day and time.

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Scholastic Summer Training Prices Slashed

In advance of the Summer season, Athletic Lab is slashing the prices on all of our Scholastic Sports Performance Training group training rates.  Effective immediately, we're reducing the price of all plans by $5 per session. Training plans will continue to be sold in 12, 24 and 36 session bundles. The Summer promotion represents a discount of 17-25% off normal package pricing. Our Scholastic Training program offers professional grade athletic development for the dedicated athlete to help them prepare to excel on the field, court and pitch. Athletic Lab is the training home for professional athletes from around the Triangle and trusted by the 2 local professional soccer clubs. Each 75 minute session provides a fully planned and progressive speed, strength and conditioning program. Athletes will receive semi-individualized training plans upon signing up and work their way through the training plans in much the same way as our collegiate and professional athletes. Athletes will be tested to assess progress and follow a scripted training plan to ensure optimal progression and development. 12 Session 24 Session 36 Session Promotional Price $25 / Session (17% off) $20 / Session (20% off) $15 / Session (25% off) SIGN UP SIGN UP SIGN UP DETAILS: Promotional pricing will be available from May 3 through July 31, 2018. Current members may purchase packages at promotional pricing in advance of the conclusion of their current membership. Discounts and promotions cannot be combined. Members will receive whatever discount is the greater of available options. All packages are intended to be used in 14 weeks after which point sessions expire. Prepayment of the entire package is required unless otherwise requested. A minimum of 13 Scholastic Classes will be offered each week. [...]

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Soccer University Prep Program Returns for Summer 2018

Athletic Lab's highly successful University Prep Soccer Program will be returning this summer. Our eight week program will take place from June 4th to July 27th. This program is designed for current and incoming collegiate soccer athletes. Athletic Lab is the official Sports Performance Training Center for the North Carolina FC and North Carolina Courage. This program allows high school and university to train like the pros! This program will focus on soccer specific and injury prevention training to prepare college athletes for the upcoming season. Each 90 minute session will develop soccer strength, speed, power, and conditioning. The program is in its seventh year and has had tremendous success preparing both high school players transitioning to college as well as current collegiate players for the rigors of the season. We will incorporate pro-style player monitoring and assessment to guide the training process. The training will incorporate the ball and game-like decision making to develop soccer-specific fitness that transfers to the game. The planned programming will be developed and coached by Dr. Mike Young and Greg Gustin. Mike is the Director of Performance for the North Carolina Courage and the Head Fitness Coach for North Carolina FC. Previously, Mike was the Head Fitness Coach of the 2012 & 2013 Vancouver Whitecaps of the MLS and the Carolina Railhawks from 2009-2011. In these roles, Mike worked directly with the first team athletes in the weight room and on the field to aid in their physical development, injury prevention, and recovery. He has been an invited guest at Real Madrid, Fulham FC and Liverpool FC and has lectured around the United States as well as Jamaica, Canada, Ireland, England, Japan, and Korea on soccer-specific fitness training. Greg Gustin is the Assistant [...]

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Member of the Month: Jeff Souza

Athletic Lab is made up of a diverse group of goal-oriented and hard-working individuals. That's why we take a moment each month to highlight one (or more) of our members in our member of the month feature. For the month of April, we've chosen Jeff Souza. Jeff is one of the original members of the Athletic Lab Track Club (formerly HPC Elite). You can check out our previous members of the month here. Born in Brazil, Jeff Souza first met Mike Young in 2008 at a USA Track and Field Level One course at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He became one of Mike's first athletes to train in the newly formed Athletic Lab HPC Elite group. "I'm proud to be his oldest member," Jeff says of this experience. When asked what his favorite exercise or training activity is, Jeff gave an answer indicative of the type of mindset it takes to be a top-level competitor of any sport. "There is no favorite training activity when you love and respect all of the events I need to master," he said. He does, however, enjoy sleeping to which he states is the most important activity. He added, "All exercises are welcome on my plan, there is no challenge I can't manage to learn and do my best." As for his least favorite part of training? It's controlling the food cravings he has in the afternoon. Jeff has done 30 decathlons in the past 10 years and finished all of them. Of this, he says that the excitement of the challenge alone is not all that he enjoys, but also "the joy of completing it." Of the many accomplishments in Jeff's career, he is especially proud of [...]

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Athletic Lab to Open New Location in Fall 2019

Athletic Lab is excited to announce the next step in our corporate evolution. Athletic Lab has come to a long-term agreement with Ammons Building Corporation to open a built-to-suit training center in Morrisville, NC as part of the soon-to-be developed Wake Competition Center. The Wake Competition Center will be a 30-acre multi-sports complex uniquely situated less than 2 miles from the Raleigh, Durham, and Cary borders. The one-of-a-kind sports complex will feature two full-size lighted turf fields, two ice hockey rinks and will also house the future training centers for the largest ice hockey, gymnastics, volleyball and soccer clubs in the Triangle. The training hall of our new center will be approximately 70% larger than our current facility and will feature a four lane 60m sprint track, 5,000 square feet (~500 square meters) of open turf, 10 embedded platforms dedicated to Olympic weightlifting, a metabolic conditioning area, two 24 foot rigs for group and team training, 4 dual sided racks for sports performance training as well as full locker rooms, 2 conference rooms that overlook the training hall and a sports science lab. Raleigh Orthopedic and 919 Spine Chiropractic Services will accompany us to our new location. I couldn't be more excited about this next step for Athletic Lab. We pride ourselves on delivering a world class training experience and our new facility will build on what we're already doing. This facility will have everything an athlete could ever want and couldn't be situated in a more perfect location. We will literally be in the epicenter of the booming Triangle region of North Carolina and in a sports complex that will house the very best professional and amateur sports teams in the area. – Mike Young, [...]

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Sprint Training for Long Distance Runners by Hayden Giuliani

[Hayden Giuliani recently finished her Master’s degree at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where she now works as a research coordinator. She is currently in the Coaching Mentorship Program at Athletic Lab.] It seems like the best way to improve running long distances would be to run long distances. Endurance breeds endurance. Just like the best way to get better at a particular sport would be to play that sport. Over the years, coaches and researchers alike have begun to take a different perspective on that thought. Can doing a seemingly contradictory form of training actually improve endurance performance? If we sort through the research, it seems the answer is yes. In the article, I will break down the characteristics of endurance athletes, the types and descriptions of sprint training, and the implementation of sprint work into endurance training. Endurance athletes are well-conditioned individuals that perform long events, such as running, cycling, or triathlons. Endurance-trained persons typically exhibit certain characteristics, including, but not limited to, high maximal oxygen intake (VO2 max), efficient running economy, a high proportion of type I fibers, and leaner body composition. This simply means they can perform at a high capacity for a long period of time, yet they also tend to be less proficient at strength and power tasks. The typical training program for endurance athletes, which includes runners, cyclists, or triathletes to name a few, would include multiple longer bouts throughout a week’s time. When individuals think of aerobic training, it tends to be very compartmentalized. For instance, there is the immediate energy resource of creatine phosphate, in contrast to lipids which are used over prolonged periods of time. This compartmentalization isn’t necessary; the systems are always working and [...]

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Our April Fools Weightlifting Sale is NO JOKE!

Athletic Lab will host their annual Summer Weightlifting Classic on June 30, 2018. Registration is now open at the link below. Early-bird pricing is available until May 19th, but for April Fools weekend, take an additional 33% off! March 30th through April 1st, lifters can sign up for only $40! The sale ends at 11:59pm on Sunday. Athletic Lab hosts multiple weightlifting meets every year with the most experienced staff on meet day. We have a competition platform (13'x13'), Eleiko competition bars and bumper plates, and 9 warmup platforms with competition bars and bumper plates for each. We take high-quality photos of every lifter, use meet management software, and provide meet t-shirts to all of our competitors as value added benefits. We've held some of the best local meets in the state of North Carolina and also held the 2013, 2014, and 2016 North Carolina State Championships. Register NOW!   Take a look at some of the photos from our past events: 2018 Winter Weightlifting Classic 2017 Fall Weightlifting Classic 2017 Summer Weightlifting Classic

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High Performance Athletic Development Conference returns to Athletic Lab

Athletic Lab's Mike Young presenting at the 2016 HPAD Conference. Athletic Lab Sports Performance Training Center is proud to host the third annual Proformance Strength & Conditioning High Performance Athletic Development (HPAD) Conference. For the third year in a row, we will host a world class speaker lineup. The HPAD Conference will take place on May 26th and 27th in Cary, NC. World Renowned Researchers and Coaches The conference will have a mixture of applied sports science and practical 'in-the-trenches' coaching information from leading practitioners. This years lineup has assisted countless Olympic, professional and collegiate athletes. The conference will be an unmissable event on the Strength & Conditioning calendar bringing together coaches from the US, UK and Qatar to offer an unparalleled opportunity to learn, share and connect with some of the best practitioners from around the world. Confirmed speakers for HPAD 2018: Dan Pfaff (bio) Director of Education, Head Jump Coach Altis Bob Alejo (bio) Director of Sport Science Power Lift Dr. Mike Young (bio) Athletic Lab Director of Performance / Proformance Strength & Conditioning Dr. Travis Triplett (bio) President National Strength & Conditioning Association / Appalachian State University James Baker (bio) Aspire Academy (Qatar) / Proformance Strength & Conditioning  (UK) Greg Gustin, MS (bio) Athletic Lab Assistant Director Oliver Trotman  (bio) Swansea City FC Academy Strength & Conditioning Coach Matt Hunter  (bio) Athletic Lab Senior Coach Tentative Schedule Day 1 8:30 - 9 Catered Continental Breakfast 9 - 10:15 Dan Pfaff - The Art of Coaching Speed 10:15 - 11:15 Bob Alejo - Is It Time to Dump the Catch with the Power Clean? 11:15 - 11:30 Coffee Break 11:30 - 12 Matt Hunter [Future Leader Presentation] - Development of Eccentric Capacities 12 - 1 James Baker - An Inside Look at Aspire's Athlete Development Framework [...]

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