Mike Young presents at UNC Blue Ops

Athletic Lab's Dr. Mike Young recently shared his thoughts on periodization with the sport and strength and conditioning coaches of the University of North Carolina as part of the Athletic Department's Blue Ops program. The meetings are held quarterly and Young's presentation on training theory and programming for athletic development was the first of the 2016-2017 academic calendar. If you are interested in having Young or any other member of the Athletic Lab staff speak privately or at an event please contact us for details. 

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5 Million Meter Row for Domestic Violence

Athletic Lab is hosting a fund raiser to raise awareness and money to fight domestic violence. Domestic violence is an epidemic affecting individuals in every community, regardless of age, economic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, or nationality. It is often accompanied by emotionally abusive and controlling behavior that is only a fraction of a systematic pattern of dominance and control. Domestic violence can result in physical injury, psychological trauma, and in severe cases, even death. The devastating physical, emotional, and psychological consequences of domestic violence can cross generations and last a lifetime. HOW IT WORKS: The participant, person doing the rowing is the "Athlete". The "Donor", is the person(s) giving money. After signing up, Athlete seeks out donations from single or multiple Donors. Athlete should set goal of meters he/she would be able to complete throughout the month of October. Athlete will have the entire month of October to complete their distance and can use Athletic Lab during open hours, it does NOT have to be done in one sitting. Key distances: BEGINNER LEVEL = 10,000m INTERMEDIATE LEVEL = 21,097.5m = 1/2 marathon COMPETITION LEVEL = 42,195m = marathon FOR EXAMPLE: Meters are purchased in 100m increments (minimum). Each 100m costs $2.00 (or 0.02/ meter. It is the athlete's objective to raise enough interest & money from donor(s). The athlete will commit to row the meters equivalent to the money raised. If an athlete receives multiple donors and raises $1,000, he/she will row 50k meters. So are you ready?! How much can you raise? How much can you row?

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Announcing Scholastic Class Schedule Restructure

Athletic Lab is proud to announce that we will be upgrading our Scholastic Sports Performance program offerings effective October 3rd. After careful consideration of the schedule limitations of high school athletes due to class schedules and in-season sports, we are making some changes to bring you a more effective training experience. Beginning October 3rd we will be offering three class types during the school year. The "Strength" and "Speed" class structure will remain unchanged as they are our most popular Scholastic classes. Our third class will be a "Hybrid" class. This class will be an all-around athletic development session designed to provide the most efficient training for the athlete during the school year. We understand that during the school year it becomes increasingly difficult to attend multiple sessions during the week. When an athlete is in-season it is important to maintain and improve upon speed, power, and strength qualities gained in the off-season. Our new hybrid class will accomplish this without requiring the athlete to attend more classes than necessary during their sport season. We feel it will also allow our athletes more time to focus on their school work. The new schedule is as follows: Monday 4PM Strength 5PM Hybrid (Speed-Power emphasis) Tuesday 4PM Speed 5PM Hybrid (Power-Strength emphasis) Wednesday 4PM Strength 5PM Speed Thurdsday 4PM Hybrid (Speed-Power emphasis) 5PM Strength Friday 4PM Speed 5PM Hybrid (Power-Strength emphasis) Saturday 10AM Speed 11AM Strength

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Lucky 7 Year Anniversary Giveaway

Athletic Lab recently celebrated our 7th year in business. In that time we've trained everyone from Olympic and National Champion to 8 year old children, we've hosted events as far ranging as a wedding, a baby shower and the North Carolina State Weightlifting Championships. We're grateful for all our fantastic members, the dreams we've helped make reality, and the friends and community we've been a part of. To celebrate our 7th year anniversary we're having 7 days of giveaways for our members. For each day of the week starting with September 19th, enter our raffle for a chance to win a daily prize. At the end of each business day, one lucky member will be chosen for the next 7 days. The value of each day's gift bag averages more than $200 and features items from WODbody massage, b.Good restaurants, Cellucor, Amino Vital, Under Armour and much more. For a little history on the history of Athletic Lab check out this 12 part blog series from Athletic Lab co-founder and current Director of Operations, Cate  Young. 

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2016 Fall Schedule Features Time Changes and New Classes

Athletic Lab is proud to announce our 2016 Fall Schedule featuring several exciting changes including new membership options, more training times, and new class types. All changes go in to effect on the October 3rd. New Class Options We are adding the following new classes to the schedule: Performance Fitness SwOLY classes will be added to the schedule on [see below for class description]: Monday and Friday @ 5pm We are increasing our Performance Fitness Senza class offerings from 3 to 7 classes each week [see below for class description]: Monday and Friday @ 7am Monday, Wednesday Friday @ 9am Tuesday and Thursday @ 5:15pm Performance Fitness Mobility classes will become Movement & Mobility Classes (MoMo) and the structure of the class has been revised to reflect a split between our traditional mobility emphasis and an increased focus on body control and gymnastic type movements  [see below for class description]. This class will now be offered: Wednesday @ 5pm Saturday @ 10am Classes to be Removed With the addition of the new classes mentioned above, the following classes are being removed from the schedule: Performance Fitness CrossFit Express Training Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 12pm Performance Fitness CrossFit Training Monday and Friday @ 7am New You Challenge We are excited to announce a new membership option for new members and designed to help you succeed on your fitness journey and ultimately lead to happier and more confident version of you. During this program you will be lead by our staff of enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches while being in a fun, upbeat atmosphere with other individuals with the same goals as you. This 6 week program provides nutritional support, body composition testing and access to a host of classes (17 in total each week): Monday (4 classes): Senza [...]

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Athletic Lab Sport Performance Podcast: Episode #5 – Q&A with Mike Young

In Episode 5 of the Athletic Lab Sport Performance Podcast, Mike Young tackles many common questions regarding using the Olympic lifts for sport: Why use Olympic weightlifting for athletic development? Guidelines on sets and reps Preferences on power snatch vs. power clean Should we use hang, power, or full variations and reasonings why? How to use different variations during the training year Strategies on building work capacity with the lifts (EMOM, complexes, etc.) What if we can’t Olympic lift? Check out the podcast with Mike below. If you enjoyed the podcast head over to iTunes and subscribe to our podcast to stay up to date on the latest episodes.

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“A New You” 6-Week Challenge – Be more fit, healthy, and confident

Don't wait until the new year to make a change like everyone else. Get a head start and make a change today with our "New You" 6-Week Challenge. This challenge is for new members and designed to help you succeed on your fitness journey and ultimately lead to happier and more confident version of you.  During this program you will be lead by our staff of enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches while being in a fun, upbeat atmosphere with other individuals with the same goals as you.  Sign Up With your entry into the 6-week challenge you get: Unlimited access to our popular Bootcamp, Endurance, SwOLY (Olympic lifting & bodybuiling), Movement & Mobility, and Yoga classes for the duration of the 6-week program. There are 17 classes to choose from throughout the week. You can find the schedule here. Two BodyMetrix body composition tests. Nutrition packets to teach you how to fuel your body properly. Support from our expert coaches and like-minded individuals in the group through an exclusive Facebook group. This program starts on October 3rd and ends on November 14th. Individuals of all fitness levels are welcome. Call us today (919.617.1472) to set up an initial interview to meet our coaches, see our facility, and most importantly, get started on your journey to a new you.    

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NC Force Hockey return to Athletic Lab

Athletic Lab is proud to announce the return of NC Force Hockey for the 2016-2017 season. NC Force is an academy style program where serious youth hockey players can learn, develop, train and compete at a high level, all while recognizing the importance of school, faith, and family. Coach Paul Strand is bringing the team back to Athletic Lab after a very successful inaugural season. Two big highlights from last season include a 1st place finish in the Pittsburgh Veterans Cup on November 8th at the U16 AA level, and a 2nd place finish in the MLK Big Bear Raleigh Tournament for the U18 team. The U16 program also boasts at least one win against each local team it competed against in the 2015-2016 season. Last weekend, training kicked off with both teams going through initial testing. The results make it obvious that this years teams are stacked with gifted and hard working athletes. We can't wait to see how they do out on the ice in the upcoming season. Athletic Lab has provided Sports Performance Training for some of the most well recognized in the Triangle including the Carolina Railhawks, NC Elite Volleyball Club, TAC Titans swim club and many more. If you're interested in using Athletic Lab for your athletic development needs please contact us today.

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Elite Track & Field Training returns to Athletic Lab

Athletic Lab trained Eric Broadbent won a USATF Indoor National Championship and represented team USA internationally in the Decathlon Following a 4 year hiatus, elite track & field training is returning to Athletic Lab. The program is designed for elite and emerging elite athletes looking to pursue a career in track & field. The group will be focused on the jumps, multi-events and sprints / hurdles. Lead by Athletic Lab's Dr. Mike Young, training will take place in a team-based structure focusing on comprehensive athletic development with the goal of producing champions at the highest level of the sport. Coach Young is a Level 3 USATF Coach who has been on the staff of 4 Division 1 Universities and coached multiple international level track & field athletes in a variety of events. As a collegiate coach, he was on staff at LSU from 2001-2005 when the team won 6 team National Championships. The program features the following: Professional coaching by Coach Young An environment for elite development that is affordable and supportive Event specific programming and technical training Access to a local track and Athletic Lab's world class training facility Discounted sport medical care (chiropractic, soft tissue therapy and podiatry) Discounted WADA approved supplements Sprinter Allie Israel was a finalist at the USATF National Championships From 2008-2012 this program operated as the HPC Elite Track & Field team. In that short time frame, the program had many highlights including: 1 World Championship Competitor 1 Masters World Champion 2 USATF National Champions 2 USATF Athletes of the Week 3 Foreign National Championship Competitors (Estonia, Jamaica & United Kingdom) 4 USATF National Championship Medalists 8 USATF National Championship Finalists 13 USATF National Championship Qualifiers 7 USATF Masters National Champions To inquire [...]

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Member of the Month: Sonia Maheshwari

September is here and it's time for another Member of the Month feature. This monthly feature highlights some of our more exceptional members who are doing great things in sport, the community and life. Click here to see previous members of the month. This month's member of the month is Sonia Maheshwari. Sonia is one of the top young tennis players in the country. Recently, she placed 2nd at the USTA Girls 14 National Championships in Atlanta, GA. Maheshwari had the best run of any player in the tournament. Despite coming in unseeded, she defeated No. 17 Iris Gallo of Longmeadow, Mass., 6-4, 3-6, 6-0 in first round. She didn't lose another set until the final and knocked out No. 6 seed Kiana Graham of Austin, Texas, along the way. Name: Sonia Maheshwari Age: 13 What city were you born in? Raleigh, NC How did you first hear about Athletic Lab? My friend Ava Collard told me about it. Favorite class/time to work out? I like the power and speed classes. What is your favorite exercise/least favorite? I love medicine balls and sprinting. I do not really like weights because it makes me really sore:) How long have you been playing tennis? 6 years What have been your greatest accomplishments so far? My greatest accomplishment has probably been getting second at nationals. What motivates you? When I think about getting into a division one college. Also, knowing that I'm making my loved ones and myself proud :)

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