Aerobic System Development for Anaerobic Dominant Sports by Michael Bruno

[Michael Bruno recently finished his undergraduate degree at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. He is currently in the Coaching Mentorship Program at Athletic Lab] The fitness industry is a fickle one with fallacies that continue long after the truth is uncovered. One fallacy I've found in the fitness community is that energy systems of the body are thought of as timed switches. Traditional thought has been during the onset of activity it’s the anaerobic alactic for 15 sec, followed by the anaerobic lactic up to 1:30 and anything over two minutes would be the aerobic system. And that depending upon time demands of your sport you should train the appropriate system exclusively. On the contrary, the systems are not independent of each other, but more so dependent upon each other. The ceiling of the next system depends on the development of subsequent system development starting with the aerobic system then lactic, and finally alactic system. If you think of the energy systems as a pyramid the aerobic system would be the base. The bigger the base the larger the alactic and lactic energy systems can be. The more I read the research I feel as though the aerobic system has gotten the worst reputation possible, the ugly duckling of the energy systems. When people think of the aerobic system, they think long distance runs, fragile, non-explosive athletes. If you were to tell me that the aerobic system although produces the most amount of ATP per substrate but does so at the expense of time, I would say that it would be of no benefit of any field sport athlete. But interesting enough if you’re a team sport athlete this is the most important system and is the [...]

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Mike Young lectures at KARFE 2017 SRFC Conference in Seoul, Korea

Athletic Lab's Dr. Mike Young recently returned from Korea where he spoke at the 1st Annual KARFE Sports Rehabilitation & Functional Conditioning Conference alongside Dan John, Lee Taft and Guido Van Ryssegem. Mike provided a 1 day workshop titled "An Integrated Approach Speed & Power Development" and also a lecture on the "Means & Methods of Developing Eccentric Strength."  Young previously lectured in South Korea in 2014 and 2016 and is an Advisory Board Member for the Korean Coaches Association for Strength & Conditioning. Mike next presents at the Florida State Track & Field Coaches Clinic on January 5-6th. If you are interested in having Dr. Young and any other Athletic Lab staff lecture or provide a private workshop for your organization please contact us for details.

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Black Friday Weekend Sale for Online Training & Weightlifting Meet Entry

Athletic Lab is running two concurrent Black Friday weekend sales (good through midnight Monday November 27th). Through Monday, we're offering 20% off our newly launched online training programs. This brings the monthly cost of training to as low as $64.95. Check out Athletic Lab Online or click on the button below for details. Additionally, we're offering 33% off registration for our upcoming Winter Weightlifting Classic. The USA Weightlifting sanctioned meet will take place on February 17, 2018. This sale saves an additional 33% off our early bird pricing and brings the cost to just $40. Athletic Lab hosts multiple weightlifting meets every year with top equipment and an experienced meet staff. We have a competition platform (13’x13′), Eleiko bars and bumper plates, and 9 warmup platforms with bearing bars and bumper plates for each.

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Athletic Lab Launches Online Training

Athletic lab is proud to announce the launch of Athletic Lab Online. For the first time ever, we will be delivering online correspondence training at scale. Prior to this point, our expert programming has only been available within the walls of our facility. But now, our highly sought after methods can be available from anywhere in the world. Programs start at as little as $64.95 / month and are currently offered for speed development, vertical jump, and weightlifting. More programs will be added shortly. Find out more and start training at Athletic Lab Online!

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The Protein Athletes Aren’t Consuming But Should Be by Frank Muntis

[Frank Muntis recently finished his Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Louisville and is currently in the Coaching Mentorship Program at Athletic Lab.] The internet is full of information about different nutritional topics and it can be difficult at times to sift through all the information to find practical, research-backed strategies to improve health and performance. When talking about sports nutrition it is common to hear discussions of the benefits of whey protein, casein, fish oil, carbohydrates or other various topics for the health and performance of athletes and these topics deserve discussion. There is, however, one nutritional supplement that I have found to truly make a difference in my well-being and performance…collagen. Collagen is a protein that is found throughout your body in your bones, skin, tendons, ligaments, hair, nails and more. In supplemental form, collagen is usually derived from cows and is also commonly used as gelatin in cooking. About 30% of the body’s protein consists of collagen. While much of the research on collagen supplementation is geared towards clinical populations, the implications of the findings from these studies shine a light on an area of sports nutrition that can potentially lead to fewer injuries, increased performance, and improved health and wellness. Effects on the Prevention of Injuries The number one goal of any good strength coach or athlete is to prevent injury. Some of the most common injuries in sports are related to connective tissues like tendons, ligaments, and bones with sprains, strains, tears and fractures as some of the predominant injuries. While these are incredibly strong tissues, they also take a greater amount of time to heal and adapt than other tissues. One study by Dr. Steffen Osser in the [...]

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Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale on Athletic Lab Winter Weightlifting Classic

Athletic Lab will host their annual Winter Weightlifting Classic February 17, 2018. Registration is now open at the link below. Early-bird pricing is available until January 6th, but this Black Friday through Cyber Monday, take an additional 33% off! Between November 24th and 27th, lifters can sign up for only $40! Athletic Lab hosts multiple weightlifting meets every year with the most experienced staff on meet day. We have a competition platform (13'x13'), Eleiko competition bars and bumper plates, and 9 warmup platforms with competition bars and bumper plates for each. We take high-quality photos of every lifter, use meet management software, and provide meet t-shirts to all of our competitors as value added benefits. We've held some of the best local meets in the state of North Carolina and also held the 2013, 2014, and 2016 North Carolina State Championships. Register NOW!   Take a look at some of the photos from our past events: 2017 Fall Weightlifting Classic 2017 Summer Weightlifting Classic 2017 Winter Weightlifting Classic

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Neuromuscular Adaptations with Aging by Hayden Giuliani

[Hayden Giuliani recently finished her Master’s degree at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where she now works as a research coordinator. She is currently in the Coaching Mentorship Program at Athletic Lab.] As we age, there are obvious changes in our performance and the way our body responds to loads or exercise. Many adaptations occur within the body, specifically the muscles, that allow for these more global decrements. But, for some, it seems there is less of a decrease in performance and quality of life. Exercise is the key method in attenuating many of the muscular adaptations with aging. The primary adaptations that occur with aging are decreased muscle size (sarcopenia), decreased muscle strength (dynapenia), and decreased muscle quality, which other muscle architectures and structural adaptations contribute to. With a growing number of older adults, this is a very relevant topic to discuss. Muscle Size Sarcopenia differs from atrophy in that it occurs despite lifestyle and weight changes. Beyond the overall decrease in lean mass and inherent increase in body fat percentage, research has shown that muscle size decreases 25-36% in the thigh musculature with aging, compared to younger adults. (Lexell, Overend) An invasive study by Lexell and colleagues found that size changes within the vastus lasteralis can begin as early as 25 years and decrease as much as 10% by age 50. This loss of muscle is different between the upper and lower body, with the lower body reducing at a rate twice that of the upper body. This decrease in size is caused by a reduction in muscle fiber size and quantity. Neuromuscular fiber changes occur through a continual process of denervation and reinnervation, which leads to not only a loss of fibers [...]

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Mike Young presents at South Carolina Sprint, Jump, Hurdles Coaches Clinic

Athletic Lab's Dr. Mike Young provided a lecture at the South Carolina Sprint Jump Hurdles Coaches Clinic. The clinic was held at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. The event featured top speed coaches and researchers from around the country. This was Mike's 2nd time speaking at the event. Mike spoke on "Strength Training for Speed." Mike next presents at a 1 day workshop in Seoul, South Korea on December 8th. If you are interested in having Dr. Young and any other Athletic Lab staff lecture or provide a private workshop for your organization please contact us for details.

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2017 Thanksgiving Day Hours

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday, we will have special hours on Thursday, November 23rd. Please note the following changes to our class schedule: All afternoon classes will be cancelled Performance Fitness Endurance  9 am Performance Fitness CrossFit 9 am & 10 am Scholastic 9:45 am Performance Fitness Weightlifting 9 am Open Gym 9am – 11 am Friday’s classes will resume as scheduled Join us for our 8th Annual Thanksgiving Day Workout (all members are welcome and can bring a friend or family member for free). We’ll have coffee and healthy snacks for after the workout.

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Devin Cornelius, Ivan Jukić and Vince Ragland added to Athletic Lab staff

Athletic Lab is proud to announce the additions of Devin Cornelius, Ivan Jukić and Vince Ragland to our staff. All three join Athletic Lab following successful completion of our Mentorship program in the Summer of 2017. Devin and Vince join Athletic Lab as Sports Performance coaches and Ivan will assist with Athletic Lab's ongoing sports science research initiatives as well as host our popular Sports Performance Podcast. With our most recent additions to the Athletic Lab staff, we continue our tradition of bringing in some of the best and brightest in the field of sports performance. In Devin, we add someone who has an MS in Sport Management who has already gained extensive athletic and mentorship experience. Similarly, Vince is a bright young coach who has already proven himself working in our Scholastic Sports Performance program. With Ivan, we add an accomplished researcher and coach who will help take our research efforts to the next level. – Mike Young, PhD Athletic Lab Director of Performance & Research

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