Member of the Month: Tristan York

Athletic Lab has a vibrant and diverse community of members. That's why we take a moment each month to highlight one (or more) of our members in our member of the month feature. For the month of October we've chosen Tristan York. Tristan is a long time member of our Performance Fitness program who regularly competes in Distance and Obstacle Races. You can check out our previous members of the month here. Name: Tristan York Age:  36 What city were you born in?  Portland, OR What do you do when you're not working out at Athletic Lab (occupation, hobbies, etc)?  My "9 to 5" involves high level technical/escalation support.  Generally, if it reaches my inbox it's a situation where there has been a breakdown in communication/process/support or there is a sales deal at risk.  My role is to resolve customer issues and restore confidence by providing the necessary coordination and communication between development, customer, and sales.  Basically, I am the "one throat to choke."  Outside of work, my four year old daughter Emerson keeps my wife and I pretty busy.  She just started pre-k and has weekly homework assignments which just seems crazy.  They grow up so fast!  Now that summer is over and fall is upon us, I like to take walks with the family or go to a park.  Oh, and a few weekends a year I like to crawl through mud and under barbed wire with a few thousand other like-minded OCR enthusiasts.            How did you first hear about Athletic Lab? How long have you been a member? I believe my first class at Athletic Lab was in late March or early April 2015.  My family and I were driving home, I don't recall from [...]

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“Fall into Fitness” Promotion

For the first 2 weeks of Fall (September 22 through October 6th), we're running a "Fall into Fitness" promotion for our Performance Fitness memberships and Scholastic Sports Performance memberships. The promotion details for each category differ, but both require a single up-front payment. Performance Fitness: UP TO 33% OFF our Unlimited Memberships with Single Pay For new and existing members who are willing to commit to a longer term unlimited membership and can make a single upfront payment, we are offering the following discounts off our already discounted longer-term memberships: 3 month unlimited membership options: 5% off with upfront payment ($485 total; / $162 /mo) 6 month unlimited membership options: 10% off with upfront payment ($864 total; / $144 /mo) 12 month unlimited membership options: 20% off with upfront payment ($1,440 total; / $120 /mo) Our Performance Fitness Unlimited Membership allows members to attend any of our Performance Fitness classes (CrossFit, SwOly, Weightlifting, Senza Bootcamp, Yoga, Movement & Mobility, and Endurance) as often as they would like for the term of the membership. As a point of reference, our Performance Fitness Unlimited Month to Month Membership is $180 / month. Due to the extreme nature of this promotion, the following apply to these memberships: The membership is non-refundable The membership is subject to our normal hold policies Additional discounts (family, military, etc) cannot be applied The membership may be transferred to another individual mid-term and existing members can switch their existing membership to this limited-time single pay membership option at the end of their current month with no additional fees. Scholastic Sports Performance: UP TO 50% OFF our Scholastic Sports Performance Punchcards with Single Pay For new and existing members who are willing to make a single upfront payment we are offering [...]

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Athletic Lab Hosts “Lift Up Autism”

On Saturday, September 23rd, Athletic Lab’s Cary Crossfit will participate in the “competition for a cause” developed to bring awareness and support to early diagnosis of Autism. As one of many hosts of this event, we invite our members and guests to give 5 minutes to a world-wide cause and provide the following link to direct any donations. Simply click "tickets" to apply the donation of your choice. Click Here to Donate The 10 AM class will include the 5-minute Amrap “Luke” listed below. Scaling options will be available, and the rest of class will follow normal format. We hope to see a lot of support! “Luke” 5-minute Amrap 4 Power Cleans (155lbs/105lbs) 24 Double Unders 10 Pullups

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2017 Labor Day Hours

In observance of Labor Day, Athletic Lab will feature an abbreviated class schedule. Please note the following: Performance Fitness Endurance Class: 9am Performance Fitness Foundations Class: 9am Scholastic: 10am Performance Fitness CrossFit: 10am & 11am Weightlifting: 11am Open gym will be available from 9am-12:30pm. We will resume normal training hours on Tuesday.

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Member of the Month: Cary Police Department

The most special thing about Athletic Lab is our diverse community of members. That's why we highlight one (or more) of our members each month a member of the month feature. For the month of September we've chosen four of our Cary Police Department members. Athletic Lab is located in Cary, NC which is consistently ranked as one of the safest towns in America. Cary PD plays a huge role in maintaining the safety and wellness of our community and we're proud to have been a training home for Cary PD for several years. We also actively participate in Cary PD community events and Dr. Mike Young is a contributor to the fitness curriculum of the North Carolina Justice Academy.  We're proud to have Cary PD represented so strongly in our community. You can check out our previous members of the month here. ________________ Name: Don Hamilton What city were you born in? Fayetteville, N.C. What is your role within the Cary Police Department? What was the most rewarding part of your job?  Prior to retiring, I worked in almost every area of the PD, but I retired as the Administrative Captain.  Not an exciting position, but an easy one to cycle into retirement with because there wasn't long term projects associated with it. When you're not working out at Athletic Lab and you're not working, what's your favorite pastime?  I enjoy fishing.  Currently, my cousin and I are preparing for a trip through the Boundary Waters of Canada next Spring. Even though I'm not very good, I like to play golf. How did your training at Athletic Lab carry over into your job? Originally, I exercised to look professional in uniform and for any "hands on" situation that may occur. [...]

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2017 Fall Schedule Changes

Beginning August 28th, Athletic Lab will make the following changes to our schedule: Scholastic Sports Performance Group Training: Our Scholastic Group Training will undergo a major change. Classes will now be 75 minutes in length and the start times and offerings will change to the following: Mon / Wed / Thurs: 3:45 pm; 5 pm; 6:30 pm Tues / Fri: 3:45 pm; 5 pm Sat: 10 am; 11:15 am

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Extended Bring a Friend Promotion

Beginning on August 20th, Athletic Lab is offering an extended Bring a Friend promotion to introduce new prospects to Athletic Lab. The promotion will last for 10 days (until August 30th) and be open to anyone new to Athletic Lab. Additionally, each participant will receive a Discount Punch Card that will track their sessions. If you attend 5 or more sessions in your 10 day trial, you will receive an additional 10% off your first 3 months of training. The details of the promotion are as follows: Who: Anyone new to Athletic Lab with a local residential address Performance Fitness and Scholastic Group classes only Scholastic participants must be actively participating in a high school or club sport What: 10 days of free group training sessions in our Performance Fitness or Scholastic Sports Performance Training sessions. Performance Fitness Weightlifting, Yoga and Foundations classes are excluded. When: August 20th through 30th. The 10 day trial commences on the date of the first attendance. August 30th is the final date of the trial commencement. Where: Athletic Lab Sports Performance Training Center

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2017 Scholastic Sports Performance Update

Athletic Lab is proud to announce a major change to our Scholastic Sports Performance Program. Beginning on August 28th, the Scholastic Sports Performance small group training program will undergo the following changes: Longer Training Sessions: Training sessions will increase in length from their current 60 minutes to 75 minutes in duration. This will allow us to deliver a better and more comprehensive training experience to our athletes. Additional Time Slots: We will add 3 additional late evening training times each week to better meet the needs of in-season athletes.  In the past, our in-season athletes were often unable to continue their physical training because sport practices ended after our last training session. With the addition of new training times, in-season athletes should be able to continue their training even when they're in-season. Revised Start Times: In response to the points above, classes will now be offered on the following schedule: Mon / Wed / Thurs: 3:45 pm; 5 pm; 6:30 pm Tues / Fri: 3:45 pm; 5 pm Sat: 10 am; 11:15 am Improved Format: We will begin offering planned, progressive, semi-individualized training for all athletes in the Scholastic Sports Performance group training sessions. Athletes will receive semi-individualized training plans upon signing up and work their way through the training plans in much the same way as our collegiate and professional athletes. In the past, our group training sessions followed daily themes (speed, strength or power focused). This allowed us to focus on one aspect of training but athletes were often forced to miss the themes that were most relevant to their development because their availability did not match with our schedule. With the longer session durations and increased training time slots we will be able to address all [...]

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Velocity based training – What we need to know by Nemanja Marković

[Nemanja Markovic earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Montenegro, where he also works as a personal trainer and S&C coach. He is currently in the Coaching Mentorship Program at Athletic Lab] I was almost finished writing this article, but then I saw Mike Young’s quote on Science for sport's Instagram profile, “Applying insane forces, in the correct direction, over ridiculously short periods of time, is a trademark of the fastest people”. Behind the following text is a coach with insane intention to put ridiculously useful information in the correct direction, with the belief that athletes with great performances are the trademark of the smartest coaches. Before you shoot the messenger I hope that you saw the humor in the last sentence. I also believe my respected fellow coaches when we decide to enter the field of strength and conditioning, that the biggest bang for our buck is enhanced performance and injury prevention. We can agree that there appears to be, among other things, the true need to get through planning and programming until we achieve precise individualization of training. Having this in mind, the autoregulatory training method is the right choice for coaches. As we know power is the product of force and velocity. In the last decade, thanks to numerous research findings, the role of velocity as an important parameter for estimating and monitoring the optimum intensity during strength and power training has emerged on the surface. Regardless of the increasing popularity, velocity based training (VBT) is for sure a useful method bringing a lot of benefits of improving the performance of athletes. Making a long story short, as I still continue down the path of learning about VBT, the purpose of [...]

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