Member of the Month: Christian Pigues

Athletic Lab has so many amazing members it's sometimes difficult to pick out just one. But that's what we do each month as part of our Member of the Month feature.  We have members from all walks of life and all fitness and sport backgrounds. On any given day you can walk in to Athletic Lab and find professional athletes and teams from more than a half dozen sports, kids as young as 8 participating in our Lab Rats program, stand out high school athletes participating in our Scholastic Sports Performance Program or adults looking to get in the best shape of their lives in our Performance Fitness classes. For the month of April we've selected Christian Pigues as our member of the month. Christian just completed a dominant indoor track and field season that was highlighted by winning the North Carolina State Championships in the 1,000m race in a blistering time of 2:30.44. Christian also boasted the fastest 800m time in the state (1:53.19). Both of these times rank amongst the top in the country. Off the track, Christian managed to break multiple Scholastic Sports Performance records including the 30m sprint and approach vertical jump. You can check out our previous members of the month here. Name: Christian Pigues What city were you born in? Los Angeles What sport(s) do you participate in? Track and Field What events do you participate in? I complete in everything from the 400m to the 1500m but my best events are the 800m and 1500m. How long have you been competing in your sport? I've been running track since I was eight years old. How did you first hear about Athletic Lab? I heard about Athletic Lab through a referral from one of my dad's friends. [...]

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Announcing our Scholastic Summer Elite Program

Athletic Lab is proud to announce a new addition to our Scholastic Sports Performance Program: the Scholastic Summer Elite Program. Our new Scholastic Summer Elite Program introduces committed training for serious high school athletes preparing for the high demands of their upcoming sports season. The program differs from our standard Scholastic offerings in that the training sessions are 50% longer, there is a required commitment, and athletes will be put through a periodized and progressive training plan. Over the course of eight weeks, athletes will develop strength, speed and agility, explosive power, and game-winning conditioning. Each 90-minute session will take place in a group setting identical to what we provide our professional and collegiate level teams. Participants will complete the program equipped with the tools necessary to stay ahead of the competition and be ready for more advanced levels of training as they navigate through their athletic career. The program requires athletes to select a training start time (either 1pm or 3:30pm). Athletes will be expected to attend 90 minute training sessions at their selected times 4 days each week for the duration of the 8 weeks. Because the training for our Scholastic Summer Elite Program is planned and progressive we require a full commitment to the program outside of emergencies and special circumstances. Athletes will be tested at the start, middle and end of the program to asses progress. Due to the serious and committed nature of this program, no account holds will be granted and absences should be avoided whenever possible. We are only accepting 12 athletes at each time slot so sign up today. Dates: June 12th – August 1st (8 weeks) Eligibility: Must be at least a rising high school freshman Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday [...]

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Senza Schedule Addition for Spring

Starting in April, Athletic Lab will be adding 2 additional Senza Classes to our Performance Fitness schedule. Senza is our 45 minute twist on traditional bootcamp training. Senza is an Italian word that translates to 'without' which is fitting for the simplistic and non-threatening format of the class. Sessions focus on bodyweight, medicine ball and light kettlebell exercises without touching a barbell, doing complicated weightlifting exercises or training in the competitive atmosphere that many of our other Performance Fitness classes have. Senza classes will be added on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 am beginning April 4th. They will take the place of our 7am Endurance classes. Class: Senza Start Date: April 4th Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays Time: 7am-7:45am Accompanying our new Senza class times is the new option to purchase Senza only punchcard memberships. Senza punchcards can now be purchased in 10 ($94.95) and 20 ($169.95) use packages.

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Athletic Lab Summer Weightlifting Classic Registration

Athletic Lab has a track record of putting on some of the largest and best single-day weightlifting meets in North Carolina. For the second summer in a row, we're hosting a massive two-day USAW sanctioned event on June 24th and 25th. The female weight classes will compete on Saturday, June 24th and the male weight classes will compete on Sunday, June 25th. We host multiple weightlifting meets every year with the most experienced staff on meet day. We have a competition platform (13'x13'), Eleiko competition bars and bumper plates, and 9 warmup platforms with competition bars and bumper plates for each. You won't find this competition set up anywhere else in the state of North Carolina. Register NOW! Take a look at some of the photos from our past events: 2017 Winter Weightlifting Classic 2016 North Carolina State Championships 2016 Summer Weightlifting Classic

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North Carolina Courage select Athletic Lab for Sports Science Monitoring & Training

North Carolina's newest soccer club has partnered with Athletic Lab for their Sports Science and Strength & Conditioning needs for the 2017 season. Athletic Lab will provide both training and sports science monitoring for the Courage. The North Carolina Courage are a professional women's soccer team based in Cary, North Carolina. Its former incarnation, the Western New York Flash, was a founding member of the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL), the top level of women's soccer in the U.S. They relocated to North Carolina for 2017. They play their home games at WakeMed Soccer Park and will start their inaugural season on April 22nd. The team won the NWSL league championship in 2016 and boasts multiple players with national team experience including Lynn Williams (US),Samantha Mewis (US), Rosana dos Santos Augusto (Brazil), Ashley Hatch (US), Débora Cristiane de Oliveira (Brazil), Jaelene Hinkle (US), Jessica McDonald (US), Abby Erceg (New Zealand), and Sabrina D'Angelo (Canada). We're very excited to be working with the North Carolina Courage. They are top class with a winning tradition and the ownership and front office are committed to success. Our staff has experience working in professional soccer both domestically and abroad and we are uniquely poised to help the team become more physically commanding on the pitch and reduce their risk of injury. We'll be using advanced sports science tools like GPS and heart rate tracking as well as wellness monitoring to ensure that the team is responding to training in a positive way. It's an honor to be chosen by the Courage and we're excited to work with their amazing coaches and players.  - Mike Young, PhD Athletic Lab Owner & Director of Performance In addition to the North Carolina Courage and North Carolina FC, Athletic Lab [...]

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Members of the Month: Celeste Petrick & Ross Ackerman

HLC Winners: Celeste Petrick & Ross Ackerman Athletic Lab prides itself in having the best coaches, the best facility and the best members. We have members from all walks of life and all fitness and sport backgrounds. Every month we highlight some of our amazing members. March's members of the month are Celeste Petrick and Ross Ackerman - the winners of our latest Healthy Living Challenge. Our Healthy Living Challenge is an 8 week lifestyle challenge that involves nutritional, sleep, activity, body composition and performance tracking.  You can check out our previous members of the month here. Celeste Petrick: Name: Celeste Petrick Age: 25 What city were you born in? Wappingers Falls, NY What's your favorite exercise? Least favorite? I actually love rowing! Least Favorite: Running! How did you first hear about Athletic Lab?  Jen Evans heard about it and convinced me to come along over a year ago! Been gym buddies since day one :) What was the most challenging thing you faced during the Healthy Living Challenge? Most rewarding? The most challenging thing I faced and do face is hanging out with friends and making good choices! The most rewarding thing is being able to start seeing a change in my body and my athletic ability. What was your favorite meal during the Healthy Living Challenge? My favorite meal would have to be healthy chicken fajitas with peppers and onions. Favorite cheat meal? Harris Teeter subs!!!! What motivates you? What motivates me I think is everyone at AL and wanting and the fact we are all different abilities but, are so supportive of one another! ----------------------------------------- Ross Ackerman: Name: Ross Ackerman Age: 38 What state were you born in?  NH (Isn't this a security question?) What's your [...]

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Gymnastic Rings Skills Workshop

Join Athletic Lab coach Greg Gustin for his skills workshop on the gymnastic rings. This workshop will give attendees the opportunity to learn the basics of muscle-ups, levers, hangs, and rolls. With this 90 minute workshop, you will learn and practice progressions of skills and strength moves on gymnastic rings. You will develop strength, stability, and coordination. It is recommended that attendees be capable of a minimum of 5 strict pull ups. We're limiting this workshop to 15 people so sign up today. Our previous workshop sold out well in advance. When: Sunday, March 12th 11am – 12:30pm Cost: $10 members, $15 non-members Register NOW!  

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March Personal Training Promotion

Athletic Lab is excited to bring back one of our more popular promotions. Starting on March 1 and continuing through the end of the month, Athletic Lab a special promotion on our popular private training. FREE Private Training for EVERYONE We are offering a FREE personal training session for all our Scholastic Sports Performance and Performance Fitness members!  This means that EVERY. SINGLE. MEMBER. can take a free session with no commitment to continue. To make this deal even sweeter, we’re opening up this promotion to non-members so please share with your friends and family members!  If you’ve ever considered personal training, this is your opportunity to try it out with our world-class coaches!  Our personal training sessions allow coaches to incorporate training means, methods, and sports technology that aren't possible in group training sessions. In addition to that, personal training is great to: Reach Or Maintain A Healthy Bodyweight Focus On Unique Health Concerns Find The Best Workout For YOU Learn to Do Things Correctly Increase Accountability Improve Overall Fitness Learn New Skills Increase Safety The only restriction is that you must claim and attend your free session in before the end of March so schedule your free session today so you don't miss out! Please contact us today to schedule your session.

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Athletic Lab Winter Weightlifting Classic Results

Athletic Lab hosted their annual Winter Weightlifting Classic on February 18th. Many of the Athletic Lab Weightlifters took to the platform and many had medal performances in their respective weight and age classes. In the men's senior division, Mike Young and Roman Roethlisberger took 1st and 2nd place in the 77kg weight class. James Weng took 3rd in the 94kg weight class. James De Klerk took 3rd in the 105kg weight class. Sasha Betz took home 3rd place in her weight class category in the women's senior division. Maddy Vessey placed 2nd in the women's junior division in her weight class. In the men's masters division, Ryan Daigle, Brian Burdette, and Andrew Vessey took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively, in their age brackets. See full results from the weekend here: 2017 Winter Weightlifting Results Female 2017 Winter Weightlifting Results Male

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Mike Young presents at 3rd Annual SMI Strength & Conditioning Symposium

Athletic Lab's Dr. Mike Young presented on "Developing Physical Capacities for Speed and Power" at the 3rd Annual SMI Strength & Conditioning Symposium. The symposium was hosted by Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC and featured presenters from UNC Charlotte, Strong Rock Christian School, Wofford College and Newbury College. If you are interested in having Dr. Young or any other member of the Athletic Lab staff speak privately or at an event please contact us for details.

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