Membership & Price Changes in 2017

Beginning January 1, 2017, Athletic Lab will be making the following price and membership changes. Open Gym The price for our Open Gym membership will increase to $84.95 / month. Existing members enrolled in our Open Gym membership prior to January 1st, 2017 will be granted a 2 month transition period at the current pricing but will then be billed at the updated price. Weightlifting The price for our Weightlifting membership will increase to $154.95 / month. Existing members enrolled in our Weightlifting membership prior to January 1st, 2017 will be grandfathered at their current price point. Scholastic Sports Performance  Our Scholastic Membership options will move away from the rigid 3 month membership options that required athletes to attend a set number of sessions per week and move to a more flexible plan plan that features a built in freeze period and the option to attend with variable frequency across the term of the membership. The cost per session will remain exactly the same but the new membership options will provide greater flexibility of scheduling. The new memberships will effectively be punchcards that expire after 14 weeks. The options are as follows: Scholastic Group Training Memberships 12 Session Punch Card - $360 (Expires after 14 weeks) 24 Session Punch Card - $600 (Expires after 14 weeks) 36 Session Punch Card - $720 (Expires after 14 weeks) Scholastic Private Training Memberships 12 Session Punch Card - $870 (Expires after 14 weeks) 24 Session Punch Card - $1,560 (Expires after 14 weeks) 36 Session Punch Card - $2,160 (Expires after 14 weeks) The above membership options are created on recommended training frequencies of 1, 2, and 3 times per week respectively across a 12 week period. Due to the already flexible nature of these memberships we will provide [...]

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2017 New Year Promotions – 2 FREE Weeks

To bring in the New Year we're offering two free weeks of Performance Fitness, Scholastic and Lab Rats classes for new members. If you've been wanting to try out our facility and coaching, this is the perfect opportunity to try us out. From our Endurance classes to Yoga, to CrossFit and everything in between, our Performance Fitness program has everything the fitness enthusiast and weekend warrior wants and needs. We offer six different types of classes to provide you the best opportunities to reach your 2017 goals. You can check out descriptions of all of our Performance Fitness classes HERE. Note: Weightlifting and Foundations classes are excluded from this promo. The Scholastic program is for all athletes 12-18 years old. Our coaches work in a small group setting of like-minded athletes with the goal of improving speed, power, and strength qualities administered in a safe and effective manner. Athletes have the opportunity to learn sprint and agility technique and proper resistance training techniques to improve performance and reduce injuries. Lab Rats is a class is aimed at children aged 7-11 and will offer kids the opportunity to develop basic physical competencies and general fitness in a fun and engaging environment. The class is designed to be challenging and fun with just the right amount of competitiveness. If you'd like to get your two free weeks, contact us today at 919.617.1472 or stop in at 1823 NW Maynard Rd. in Cary. The offer is effective immediately, you must have a local address and must sign begin no later than January 31st, 2017. Your free trial period begins on the date of your first class and continues for 14 days.

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Athletic Lab hosts North Carolina Performance Group Meeting

Rob Schneider, Pete Friesen, Scott Peters & Mike Young at the NC Performance Group meeting at Athletic Lab. Photo Credit: Paul Mentele Last week, Athletic Lab hosted the North Carolina Performance Group for its quarterly meeting. The meeting featured Athletic Lab's Dr. Mike Young, the Carolina Hurricane's Dr. Pete Friesen, Rob Schneider of ATI Physical Therapy, and Scott Peters from Duke University. Young presented a case-study on "Return to Play Training for High School Soccer Player with Disc Herniation" The North Carolina Performance Group is made up of professional, collegiate and private sector strength and conditioning coaches from North Carolina and beyond. The group meets several times a year to listen to 3-4 short presentations and discuss hot topics in the field. The meet ups regularly boast top coaches from every major collegiate program in the Triangle and often pull coaches from as far as 3 hours away. The Carolina Performance Group was started in late 2015. Athletic Lab coaches have presented in 3 of the initial 5 meetings.  

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2016 Thanksgiving Day Hours

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday, we will have special hours on Thursday, November 24th. Please note the following changes to our class schedule: All afternoon classes will be cancelled Performance Fitness Endurance  9am Performance Fitness CrossFit 9am & 10am Scholastic Speed 10am Performance Fitness Weightlifting 9am Open Gym 9am – 11am Friday’s classes will resume as scheduled Join us for our 7th Annual Thanksgiving Day Workout (all members are welcome and can bring a friend or family member for free). We’ll have coffee and healthy snacks for after the workout.

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Member of the Month: Jason LeDoyen

We've reached the mid-way mark of November and it's time for another Member of the Month feature. This monthly feature highlights some of our more exceptional members who are doing great things in sport, the community and life. Click here to see previous members of the month. This month's member of the month is Jason LeDoyen. Jason is a long standing member in our Performance Fitness program and one of the top Ultra runners in the country. Jason at the 100 mile mark of this year's USA Track & Field 24 hour National Championships. Name: Jason LeDoyen Age: 45 City of birth: Norfolk, VA What do you do when not at Athletic Lab: Ultramarathon runner (specialize in 100 mile races), Information Technology Project Manager, ECU Football Season Ticket holder for 19 years, Spending time with family especially my 4 year old Golden Retriever, Zoey How did you first hear about Athletic Lab: I had been looking for something to compliment my running as I prepared to tackle my first 100 miler. I was driving home from a training run at Umstead when I saw Athletic Lab and decided to drop in. After talking with the staff about my plans and some questions I had about CrossFit, I knew this was the place where I could improve my running while minimizing the risk of injury. Favorite class/time: CrossFit Performance Fitness, Monday and Thursday at 5:00pm Favorite exercise: Sled Push (WOD makers, are you listening ?) Jason with his good friend and ultrarunning legend Valmir Nunes. Least Favorite exercise: Barbell Thrusters are my kryptonite - they expose my every flaw and weakness. Ironically, I really like Plate Thrusters. You compete in a lot of grueling competitions. [...]

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Athletic Lab Winter Weightlifting Classic Registration

Athletic Lab will host their annual Winter Classic February 18th, 2017. This will be a USAW sanctioned meet and will be a last chance qualifyer for the American Open Series 1. Athletic Lab hosts multiple weightlifting meets every year with the most experienced staff on meet day. We have a competition platform (13'x13'), Eleiko competition bars and bumper plates, and 9 warmup platforms with competition bars and bumper plates for each. You won't find this competition set up anywhere else in the state of North Carolina. We've sold out every meet we've put on for the past two years. We're only taking 60 registrations for this event. Sign up now. Register NOW!   We take high-quality photos of every lifter, use meet management software, and provide meet t-shirts to all of our competitors as value added benefits. We've held some of the best local meets in the state of North Carolina and also held the 2013, 2014, and 2016 North Carolina State Championships. Take a look at some of the photos from our past events: 2016 North Carolina State Championship 2016 Summer Weightlifting Classic 2016 Winter Weightlifting Classic

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Member of the Month: Remi Swartz

October is ending and it's time for another Member of the Month feature. This monthly feature highlights some of our more exceptional members who are doing great things in sport, the community and life. Click here to see previous members of the month. This month's member of the month is Remi Swartz. Remi is one of the top high school players in the country. She plays for Cary Academy and CASL's ECNL U-17 team and has been an All-State player for the past 3 years. Remi is committed to play for Duke University. Name: Remi Swartz Age: 17 What city were you born in? Sanford, NC How did you first hear about Athletic Lab? I had a friend that worked out at AL when I was about 12 or 13 and she told me about it. Remi Swartz What is your favorite and least favorite exercise? My favorite exercise would have to be squats while the sled pushes would have to be my least favorite. How long have you been playing soccer? I've been playing soccer since I was about 4 or 5 years old. What do you feel have been your greatest accomplishments so far? I think it's super important to stay humble, so I think it's an accomplishment to be able to go out and play the game, learn and continue to get better everyday. What motivates you? Always knowing that there's somebody out there working just as hard as I might be is motivation. Opportunities are never 'handed' out...they're earned.

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High School Preseason Programs Start December 19th

Athletic Lab is introducing two new programs for high school athletes coming this December. We have developed an 8-week preseason program for the high school athlete centered specifically around their season's start date. For the high school Spring sport calendar, we will introduce a women's soccer preseason program and a men's and women's lacrosse preseason program. Both preseason programs will have a specific planned program leading into the start of the season. Each hour long session will focus on developing sport strength, speed, power, and conditioning in a progressive fashion to ensure maximum results and reducing likelihood of injury. Athletic Lab uses an extensive battery of testing to quantify performance improvements. Along with testing, we use evidence-based, field proven training methods, the latest in sports science technology typically reserved for professionals to provide the best possible training environment for our athletes. Much like the highly successful University Preseason Soccer Prep, these high school preseason programs will be specifically geared toward developing the athlete to be prepared for the start of their upcoming sport season. Check out this past Summer's results  from the University Preseason Soccer Prep Program. The programs will both start on December 19th and finish on February 12th.  The groups will meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week (times below). Don't be the one sitting on the couch while others are getting better. 

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Recap of the 2016 NC Weightlifting State Championships

The North Carolina Weightlifting State Championships were held this past weekend at Athletic Lab. The meet featured 120 weightlifters from across the state of North Carolina to compete for the title of best lifter in North Carolina. The two day event was the largest state weightlifting meet in history. The Athletic Lab weightlifting team had 9 lifters compete and many had monstrous performances throughout the weekend. Most notably Viviane Papp with a 71kg Snatch and a 96kg Clean & Jerk on her final attempt to win the 69kg weight class state title by just 1kg. Her fellow Athletic Lab team members were close behind, recording PR attempts in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and total: Nicole DeNaeyer - 6kg PR competition total JT Wise - went 6 for 6 with three all-time PRs in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and total. James Gold - 4kg PR competition total Steve Gaudet - A massive 5kg all-time Clean & Jerk PR at 182kg/400lbs In addition to the Athletic Lab weightlifting team, other teams from around North Carolina came to take home some hardware. Congratulations to the following athletes, teams, and coaches: Wilmington Weightlifting Club Best Female Weightlifter - Jessica Newton (Harrisburg Weightlifting) Best Male Weightlifter - Ethan Hom (CrossFit RDU) Best Female Weightlifting Team - Harrisburg Weightlifting Club Best Male Weightlifting Team - Wilmington Weightlifting Best Co-Ed Weightlifting Team - Wilmington Weightlifting Thanks to our sponsors Vulcan Strength for providing the competition equipment, the North Carolina Weightlifting Committee, and Riivet broadcasting company. Athletic Lab partnered with Riivet to provide an HD broadcast of the entire weightlifting meet. Contact them if you'd like to put together a live broadcast for any event. You can watch each session and find [...]

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Athletic Lab Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Athletic Lab is participating in a fund raiser to bring money and awareness to help women in need. We've created a fundraising group with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) that is open for donations through October 24th. Athletic Lab will match all donations to the NBCF from now until October 24th and we're asking our members to wear Pink on October 24th to bring awareness to the cause. The mission of the NBCF is to help those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services.

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