Speed Camps Fast Approaching

The date of our first speed camp is fast approaching. We’re only 1 week away and there are still a couple spots left to fill. This is going to be a great opportunity for athletes of all sports to enhance their speed and learn the fundamentals of training to get faster. Speed is the foundation for success in many sports from soccer to baseball to football. If you don’t have break-away speed you’re not getting touches on the ball, stealing bases, or scoring that touchdown. Our speed camps will be a great hands-on opportunity to work with speed development experts. Led by Mike Young, our team of experts will help you achieve you be your fastest and get ready to make that big play.

Mike Young, the director of the speed camps, has coached some of the fastest athletes in the world from Superbowl champions to Track & Field national champions. Don’t settle by learning speed from a personal trainer or physical therapist. Come to the speed development expert that NFL players, USA Track & Field, the Chinese and South African Olympic committees, and the Carolina Railhawks all trust to get as fast and powerful as possible.

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