The title has an intentionally sarcastic tone. The reason is that many ‘experts’ claim to make athletes faster. These same ‘experts’ like to pull out fancy gimmicks and gadgets to train people for speed. The funny thing is that every athlete was born with the greatest piece of equipment to get faster, themselves.

The best way to get faster is to just like the title states, run faster. Many of the new techniques out today are sort of “gimmicks” to advertise to lure people in. Just have athletes sprint, sprint, and then sprint again. Sprint short. Sprint long. Sprint with resistance. Sprint up a hill. You get the point.

Athletes being coached on correct running mechanics will become faster and more efficient runners. Athletes being coached on proper work to rest ratios will increase speed, because the athletes are not fatigued and are focusing on speed development.
Other training can certainly contribute to faster times (strength training, plyometrics, etc.) but in the end if you want to run faster, run faster!

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Drake Webster

Drake Webster

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Drake Webster


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