Welcome to the web page for Athletic Lab. My name is Mike Young, the owner of Human Performance Consulting. Athletic Lab is the official training center of my company. This center has been 2 years in the making but is a long time dream and much needed ‘next-step’ in the evolution of the company. The company has operated in some fashion for 6 years, fluttering at times between being a fully virtual company with only web and distance clients, to being a combination of a traveling road show consultant, virtual trainer, and on-site coaching business at various training facilities around the country. Despite having no true physical location, the company grew exponentially each of those 6 years. And 15 months ago, I quit my ‘normal’ job to finish the doctoral dissertation I had been sitting on for 3 years and devote myself fully to the company. The decision has paid off on both fronts as I finished my dissertation 9 months ago and am looking forward to opening Athletic Lab next week for business. The opening of this center allows us to take the proverbial ‘next step’ that is vitally important for the business to grow to what I believe it can be. Welcome.

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