Why Athletic Lab?

Why Athletic Lab? Not why should I train here…that’s pretty obvious…we are the premiere athletic development center in the Triangle; but why the name Athletic Lab?

Well, I had actually purchased the domain name (athleticlab.com) about 15 months ago before we had even decided to move to North Carolina. For about 9 months I used the site as an ecommerce website to sell training books and DVDs. This was just a little experiment but I had other plans even from then. When we moved the business to the Triangle, the name seemed like a perfect fit for HPC’s first dedicated training center. First of all, we are nestled in an area that is known as the RESEARCH Triangle. Because of the central location to 3 major Academic powerhouses (UNC, Duke, and NCSU), the huge medical / pharmaceutical business, and white collar businesses like SAS, this area is one of the premiere areas for research in the country. In fact, we have the largest research park in the country. As such, there are labs and research centers all over the place here. With that said, I thought the name Athletic Lab would be fitting because instead of creating pharmaceuticals, technology or cosmetics in our lab, we would be creating athletes. Secondly, I thought the name would be appropriate because we pride ourselves on taking a science-based, field-proven approach to training….something that is quite rare in our industry. In fact, the HPC staff not only follow sport science research….we are leaders in sport science research.

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