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All of the coaches are extremely attentive, personable, approachable and excellent motivators. I can now back squat 2.5x what I did at the start, can do an unassisted pullup, and have started to participate in Olympic Weightlifting training. To say we’ve got it really good at Athletic Lab is an understatement. WE ARE SPOILED! Athletic Lab is my home away from home and the members and coaches are like family. Home sweet home!
Laurie Amagan, Performance Fitness Member
I wasn’t able to get the results I wanted before joining Athletic Lab! They have an awesome setup with a fun, fit and proud team of coaches, multiple daily non-boring and effective workouts, positive motivation, workout critiques to challenge you, and a competitive if you want-it-to-be atmosphere. Get in here if you want to get extremely fit!
Ross Ackerman, Performance Fitness Member
Athletic Lab and it’s coaches are absolutely AWESOME and AMAZING!!!! You won’t find a better facility or group of trainers anywhere!!!! What it has done for me personally and my life can’t be put into words!!!! I just can’t say enough or get enough of the Athletic Lab. I am hooked for life.
Jared Cline, Performance Fitness Member
Simply put, a force for good in my life. I put in the effort, and Athletic Lab makes sure that my efforts get results.
Alex Kreiger, Performance Fitness Member
I wanted to tell you thanks for all the help you are providing. It is fantastic to receive coaching from someone you know is providing accurate data backed by science.
Brooke Burkhalter, Olympic Weightlifter
After a few weeks in the Athletic Lab Crossfit classes, I am definitely much stronger than before. Great classes and great instructor’s.
Jodi Witte, Performance Fitness Member
Thanks to the great trainers at AL I was able to workout 31 weeks of my high risk pregnancy before I was put on bed rest for non related reasons. It was their constant motivation and modifications that kept me moving not only during that time but after giving birth. Thanks AL! You have created a community of like minded members who quickly become family!
Keri Ackerman, Performance Fitness Member
Thank you to everyone at Athletic Lab, for everything you all have done. The training there was tough but definitely worth it! Thanks again.
Maura Coolbaugh, Collegiate Soccer Player
Thank you so much for all your help with the weight training and pole vaulting! You have definitely helped so much in getting me where I am now! Thanks again!
Cassie Crawford, 2010 News & Observer Athlete of the Year
No one should hesitate to train with Athletic Lab. You simply cannot make a better investment in power and speed development and overall enjoyment of the sport. I’ve had probably over thirty to forty coaches since I started playing sports I think Mike is the best.
Smoot Carter, Baseball Player
She absolutely loves your program. I never thought she would get excited about strength and conditioning, but I was wrong. She really likes the challenge of your classes. It is making her push herself to get better times and she loves when she can actually measure that her strength has improved.
Devra Lennon, Parent of Scholastic Athlete
Your staff has really helped my team improve our workouts. Their knowledge and dedication not only helped us as individual athletes, but has motivated us as a team to work together and to keep pushing each other. We really appreciate it!
Jeannie Lin, L.A. Racing Dragons
I trained hard for 5 years with no improvement. I was starting to think that I would never be able to improve upon my college marks. Then I started to train with Mike and shortly thereafter I set a personal best in the 60m by .10 seconds in only my 2nd race of the season!
Ashley Mort, Track Athlete
Dr. Young- You are obviously very good at what you do. Suzanne incorporated just a couple of the suggestions you made into the full out sprints in the games, and it was noticeable that she was running faster!!
Regina Arafa, Movement Specialist
Thank you again for everything this summer. My coaches have said I look a lot stronger and better conditioned on the ice!
Katherine Murphy, Collegiate Hockey Player
I am soooo glad I’ve been working out at Athletic Lab because it definitely prepared me for Division 1 sports!
Marlee Cadwell, Collegiate Track & Field Athlete
You gave me a very valuable lesson on how you take an athlete and make them better. I was not aware of all the work that takes place.
Corey Beam, Collegiate Baseball Player
Thank you for helping me train this summer it really helped me improved my game and I feel like I can compete more physically.
David Adams, Collegiate Soccer Player
Thanks for everything, Mike! There’s no way the LA Racing Dragons could have accomplished what they did this year without your help.
Scott Wu, Esq., L.A. Racing Dragons
I strongly recommend consulting with Mike to anyone who is looking to improve their running. I had the opportunity to meet today and I feel that I walked away a much stronger athlete. Not only was he able to point out the flaws in my form and cue the correct changes, he was capable of explaining the physics of the movements.
Naoki Murai, Collegiate Track & Field Athlete
Thanks again to you and the Athletic Lab staff. When I walked in the door and met with you in late summer of 2012 I could not have imagined that I’d run four 100 mile races (3 in less than 24 hours) in the next 15 months as well as several other races between 31 and 66 miles. And I’ve done so while staying healthy and improving my recovery time after each race.
Jason Ledoyen, Ultra Runner
Hey Mike I ended up getting 316 lbs on the squat and ran out of weight. And then I did 170 in bench! Those are 15-20 percent gains!! I brag to my friends about you all the time Mike! Thanks so much man!
John Evans, Collegiate Track & Field Athlete
We highly recommend Athletic Lab to parents of other athletes (and we wish we would have known about the Lab sooner). Jared definitely attributes an increase in his speed on the field, to the training he received with you this summer.
Devra Lennon, Parent of Scholastic Athlete
Marlee is very thankful for the work-outs that you provided for her. You prepared her for the collegiate aspect of athletic training. Thanks for all the work you did with her.
Cindy Cadwell, Parent of Collegiate Athlete
I have been under intensive training to become a better paddler for about 6 months. I had started plateauing but then my team started doing your workouts. Now I’m improving. It feels so good to be taking steps toward my goal once again.
Rouhina Mehregan, L.A. Racing Dragons
After working with Mike at the Athletic Lab, I saw immediate results in my strength and speed…I felt stronger as the season went on and really owe all the credit to him and the Lab.
Nick Zimmerman, NASL Professional Soccer Player
I started working with Mike because I wanted to get faster. Clearly, I’m the fastest guy on the team as anybody can see. I’m like lightning. I wanted to get stronger and once you get the kinks out and get your touches back, your feel stronger, fitter.
Josh Gardner, MLS Professional Soccer Player
Athletic Lab is by far the best place for technical, scientifically based, individualized training for high performance in the triangle. I recommend it to all who are serious about reaching their athletic potential, no matter what stage in life.
Kelly Furr, Elite Heptathlete
Since I started training at Athletic Lab I have noticed the difference in my speed and strength. I highly recommend this facility and the staff to high level athletes and even people who are just interested in keeping their bodies fit and in shape. Athletic Lab is my gym!
Tony McManus, MLS Professional Soccer Player
The Athletic Lab staff has helped me improve my speed and triple jump technique and allowed me to be apart of a company worth representing.
Lamont Dagen, Elite Triple Jumper
Mike Young, the trainer we’ve been working with at Athletic Lab, he’s brutal. He’s tough, but he’s great. I’m trying my best to think of excuses not to go today. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the worst. He almost killed me Tuesday. I got up out of bed and almost fell over. But he’s whipping us into shape for the season.
Mark Schulte, NASL Professional Soccer Player
Everything is going great. I have adjusted to the program very well. My sprinting form has improved and keeps getting better. My speed and power indicators are better than ever. Thanks so much for your help.
Scott Robinson, Elite Long Jumper
I trained with Mike Young of Athletic Lab who did a great job. It’s helping me out a lot. I lost some weight and I put a bit more muscle on. It’s helping me so much I feel much more powerful. I can play the whole game now. And it’s all thanks to them.
Etienne Barbara, MLS Professional Soccer Player
Mike Young helped me set and reach challenging personal fitness goals. With the help of his expertise in the weight room and on the track, I learned new events, set new personal bests, and returned to compete in track and field at a high level after a substantial absence from the sport.
Kelly Furr, Elite Heptathlete
I start Spring Training tomorrow and I feel really fast and amazing. You are the best.
Andres Torres, World Series Champion
Since working with Mike Young my speed has dramatically improved, something I didn’t always think was possible. His system is complete and the coach / athlete relationship we have is excellent. I hope to have him as my coach throughout my professional career.
Nick Newman, Elite Long Jumper
I just want to echo how excited I am that I improved over one tenth of a second in the 60m dash. We really only did about 6-8 weeks of workouts and now I’m at a world class level.
Dallas Robinson, Elite Sprinter
Athletic Lab is the ideal facility to train and hone my strength and speed during the season and the off season because of all the tools available to you there.
Tony McManus, MLS Professional Soccer Player
Mike Young, the guy we’re working with, he’s just really good at just setting up the base, making sure we’re strong and quick, and all of our work there is focusing on our core. It’s not easy. I’m usually close to passing out, but it’ll be good once the 80th minute comes around during the season.
Andriy Budnyy, NASL Professional Soccer Player
By working out at Athletic Lab, I have achieved a higher level of fitness and athletic confidence than I ever thought possible after having a baby.
Kelly Furr, Elite Heptathlete
Mike Young is one of the brightest and well rounded coaches in the United States. His background in the science of performance has allowed him to teach and mentor not just athletes, but other coaches as well. My conversations with him always help me to learn and grow in my profession.
Ronald Grigg, Track Coach, Jacksonville University
I have known and worked on various projects with Mike Young for several years now. I find his efforts to be pragmatic and sound in design. The data and information that I receive from this group is timely and they are always open to suggestion.
Dan Pfaff, Track Coach, World Athletics Center
Mike has helped me in many different ways. He assisted me in writing our training plan which has helped my athletes achieve personal bests. His expertise and knowledge has been integral in shaping my overall training philosophy, which I know will benefit the athletes I work with for many years to come.
Tom Kaberna, Track Coach, Lake Park High School
The biomechanical reports are great. The quality and attention to detail is amazing. I know the athletes really appreciate all the work you’ve done.
Rob Lasorsa, USA Track & Field High Performance Chair
The quality of the service you are providing our top athletes is invaluable. Thank you for your continued efforts as the Beijing Olympic Games draw near.
Dave Kerin, USA Track & Field High Performance Development Chair
In an era where developing the sport-specific abilities of speed, power, and lateral movement is absolutely necessary, HPC can provide athletes with the cutting-edge training techniques and opportunities that all athletes need.
Steve Roussey, Baseball Coach, Cal State Northridge
When looking at serious breakthroughs on high performance sport Mike Young and the Human Performance Consulting staff represent my foundation every year. When dealing with high performance in sport my trust lies with HPC and their services.
Carl Valle, CSCS, USA Track & Field II
Thanks for the work on the biomechanics reports! Awesome – big help.
Brett Halter, Track Coach, University of Missouri
HPCsport and Mike Young have impressed me with their true command of athletic development. All training components requisite for the triple jump were fully integrated and delivered.
Brian Schletty, Jumps Coach, National Sports Center

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