Athletic Lab is proud to announce the addition of Scholastic Prep class as a new program to our Sports Performance services. The Scholastic Prep class is designed to bridge the gap between unstructured games and play with the regimented planned and programmed structure of our regular Scholastic Sports Performance. The Scholastic Prep program is designed for athletes between 5th and 8th grade. Participants have completed the 4th grade but not yet completed the 8th grade. The one hour session will feature all of the great coaching and training methods that we use with our more physically mature athletes in a format that is more age appropriate for developmental athletes. Youth athletes will be guided by one of our Sports Performance Coaches through a workout where they will develop balance, movement skill, coordination, speed, and strength in a manner that follows the best practices of long term athlete development. Classes for the new program will begin on August 27th with classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5 pm.