Three decathletes from the Athletic Lab Track Club recently competed in national and international competitions. Devin Cornelius and Jack Flood competed at the Pan American Cup decathlon in Ottawa, Canada. The event took place as part of the Canadian National Championships and featured some of the top multi-venters in North America. Both had strong first days in the 2 day event. After the first day, Devin stood in 3rd place and Flood in 6th place. After Day 2, Flood finished the event in 3rd place with a personal best score of 7,376. This is the second best score in club history. Despite a no-height in the pole vault on Day 2, Cornellius completed the event with a strong overall showing.

The club’s longest standing and most decorated member, Jef Souza, also turned in a great decathlon. Souza competed at the 2018 National Masters Combined Event Championships where he won the event with the top score (7,055) of all age categories. Jef has been training with Coach Mike Young since 2008 and holds six American records and has won seven World Championships.