Athletic Lab remains open with precautionary measures during the COVID-19 health crises. We are closely monitoring the outbreak and are following the guidelines of the CDC and state officials. At the time of this writing, gyms and fitness facilities in North Carolina have full permission to remain open. We recognize this may change on short notice and we will always operate within the recommendations of the experts, state and local governments, and best interest of our members and community.

For those members who wish to continue training at Athletic Lab (or any fitness facility), the following is recommended by Dr. Elizabeth Tilson, of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services:

  • As much as possible maintain 6 feet of social distance from others
  • Make sure that surfaces are wiped down as much as possible
  • Making sure sick individuals, including staff members, do not enter the facility
  • Making sure the workplace has flexible absentee policies

In the past week, Athletic Lab has taken the following precautions:

  • Ramped up our already extensive cleaning schedule by over 6x
  • Requesting pre and post session hand washing from members
  • Propping doors open to minimize surface contact contamination
  • Implemented mandatory daily temperature screenings of all staff members
  • Purchased specialized cleaning equipment and sanitizers
  • Implemented a touch-less hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Replaced communal chalk bowls with individual chalk baggies
  • Ordered liquid chalk dispensers (expected arrival of March 22) to further reduce the likelihood of community spread
  • Added a viral disinfectant additive to the washing cycles of our reusable cleaning goods
  • Post class barbell, pull up bar and plate sanitation
  • Nightly steam cleaning (@ 316 deg F) and / or viral disinfectant cleaning of the rubber floors, counter top surfaces, mats, foam rollers, barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells
  • Modified programming to maximize social distance and minimize sharing of equipment
  • Modified schedule to ensure distribution of attendance evenly throughout the day
  • Moving indoor classes outdoors as much as possible to permit greater social distancing and less space contamination
  • Loosened account hold policies
  • Providing free access to bodyweight sessions that can be performed from home for those individuals who are self-quarantining or are interested in staying home
  • Cancelled our Child to Champion Conference (March 14 & 15) and our upcoming Intra-Gym Fitness Competition (March 28-29)

We recognize that it is impossible to completely eliminate risk. But we are approaching the health crises pragmatically.  recognizing that individuals and athletes will find a place to train no matter what (until mandatory business closures). Given this, we aim to provide the safest training environment possible for the inevitable training to occur in. We strongly feel that we have the physical space (25,000 sqft + 2 outdoor fields), the staff expertise, and the resources dedicated to cleanliness to make this happen. For more insight on this decision watch the recent video by Athletic Lab’s Mike Young.

For a video on the policies we have put in to place, please watch the following. Since the release of this video, we have already improved our policies and procedures to enhance safety and mitigate risk.