After an almost 3 year hiatus, our Healthy Living Challenge (HLC) is making a return to Athletic Lab. Reduce your monthly membership bill simply by participating in this fun and engaging fitness challenge. Participants in previous iterations of our Healthy Living Challenge dropped an average of 4% body fat, improved performance, and learned sustainable healthy lifestyle changes!

hlcThe Healthy Living Challenge will focus on participation and accountability in a variety of lifestyle, fitness and nutrition based challenges. We’ll incorporate the psychology of Loss Aversion to help you make new, sustainable healthy habits. Loss aversion refers to people’s tendency to strong preference of avoiding losses over acquiring gains. Most studies suggest that the fear of loss is twice as powerful, psychologically, as gains.

HLC Details:

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Date: May 11th – June 7th
  • Cost: FREE for existing members; $169.95 for those not currently members (see below)
  • Signup: Members may request to join the HLC at any point over the next 4 weeks by contacting or clicking the link below
  • Participants will receive:
    • 100 HLC Points
    • Pre and Post Performance Testing
    • Free access to ProCoach nutrition and wellness platform
    • Daily and weekly challenges to keep you accountable
    • Nutritional and goal setting consultation
    • Lifestyle Change!

HLC Rules:

  • Each participant will begin the challenge with 100 HLC points. Throughout the challenge members have the opportunity to retain their points by successfully completing challenges. Failure to complete daily challenges will result in a loss of some or all of that day’s points.  Challenges will fall in to 4 primary categories:
    • Wellness – (sleep duration, stress management, etc)
    • Activity – (daily step count challenges, completing training sessions via our app, attending virtual sessions, etc)
    • Performance – (pre vs post performance testing)
    • Nutrition – (participating in ProCoach, completing food logs, submitting pictures of meals, etc)
  • There will be a total of 100 points worth of challenges over the course of the 4 week HLC.
  • Every point that a participant successfully retains at the conclusion of the challenge will be credited to the participants account for use on future memberships. For example, if someone were perfect and retained all of their HLC points over the course of the 4 weeks they would reduce their monthly membership bill by $100!
  • Participants can ONLY REDUCE the amount they have already paid…there is no additional cost for members.
  • Male and female winners will be determined by their remaining points at the end of 4 weeks and receive a special prize package.

Member Signup

Members HLC Signup

Existing members can join the challenge at no additional cost. Reduce your monthly bill just by participating!
Member Signup

Those looking to participate who are not current members will receive all the benefits of our existing members during our mandated COVID-19 facility closure:

  • Access to our online training app and daily workouts
  • Access to daily virtual classes by Zoom
  • Accountability coaching
  • Access to our ProCoach nutrition and wellness platform

In the event that our facility opens prior to the conclusion of the Healthy Living Challenge you will have access to our facility for the duration of the contest.

Non Member Sign Up

Non-Member HLC Signup

Those who are not currently members can join in on the challenge. Receive 4 weeks of training sessions, nutrition coaching and accountability.
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