The Athletic Lab Weightlifting Team is asking for help in sending several athletes and coach Jarrod Nobbe to the American Open Series 3 competition in Daytona, Florida on September 12-15th.

Athletic Lab is hosting a workout, open to anyone willing to show support, to bring awareness to our hardworking Weightlifting team and help raise money for their 4 day trip. On Saturday September 7th at 10:00 AM, join our coaches, weightlifters, and fellow members for a fun workout that will be both individual and team based (see below).

Any and all donations are appreciated, and can be made HERE via GoFundMe, or in person during the workout.

This will be the first National meet for some weightlifters and another shot at the spotlight for others lifting on the Big Stage. The American Open Series 3 is the last American Open Series Meet leading into the American Open Final in Salt Lake City, Utah in December.


The Workout:

“Crossfit Total”

Back Squat Max

Shoulder Press Max

Deadlift Max

*Athletes get 3 attempts at each lift to achieve their best total (weightlifting style). Failed attempts count, choose wisely!


3 Person Team WOD – 15′ Amrap

Partner A: Row 500m before rotating

Partners B & C: Amrap, alternating rounds

12 KB Swings + 10 V-ups + 8 Pushups

*Score = rounds + reps