Athletic Lab hosts Special Olympics North Carolina Team National Training Camp

On Saturday January 6th, the staff of Athletic Lab administered a training camp for all of the athletes who will be representing SONC at the USA Special Olympic Games in Seattle. Athletic Lab taught the athletes valuable techniques to improve their performance and reduce their likelihood for injury. Additionally, the athletes were put through a battery of performance tests that their coaches could use to assess their fitness and guide their preparation for Seattle.

North Carolina Special Olympics (SONC) is gearing up to compete in the USA Special Olympics Games in Seattle during the Summer of 2018 and they’re using Athletic Lab to help them be their best. In preparation for the upcoming summer’s national competition, athletes from all over the state of North Carolina recently gathered at Athletic Lab Sports Performance Training Center for a training camp. Over 90 SONC athletes and their coaches from a range of different sports, including: track & field, basketball, bocce, bowling, flag football, golf, gymnastics, powerlifting, swimming, tennis and volleyball participated.

“It’s always such a rewarding experience and an honor anytime we’re able to open our doors to Special Olympics. In association with Special Olympics, I often hear ‘Winning is great, but attitude is everything.’ This is a great motto for everyone and not just in relation to sport, but in life. It’s very refreshing to see the camaraderie of the Special Olympic athletes and the enthusiasm they have for their sport. They don’t look at or dwell on limitations, but they’re instead focused on what they can do. Coming from all areas of North Carolina, it’s not likely the athletes were all super familiar with one another at the training camp, but you’d never know it. There’s always such a special energy within Special Olympics. The athletes are always cheering for each other and celebrating one another’s accomplishments.”

Cate Young, Athletic Lab’s Director of Operations

2018 marks the 6th year of the partnership between Athletic Lab and SONC. Athletic Lab has provided training and facility access for the athletes of SONC as well as fund raised for the organization at a variety of events.

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