This weekend, over 30 coaches completed the very first Athletic Lab Phase 2 Mentorship. The course took place at the prestigious Reebok Sports Club in São Paulo, Brazil.  The mentorship was delivered in partnership with ELITE Training. ELITE Training is one of the largest coaching education companies in the world. Athletic Lab has worked with ELITE Training since 2017 to bring our 3 phase course to Brazil and Portugal. The second phase of the course is designed to build on the content provided in Phase 1. It provides a more in-depth understanding of the techniques, means and methods that Athletic Lab uses in the high performance environment. Each phase of the course is a mixture of lecture and hands-on learning aimed at preparing sport performance and fitness coaches to excel. Athletic Lab is known around the world for our coaching education initiatives. Over the past decade, Athletic Lab has provided both lectures and seminars around the world and are considered a leader in the online coaching education space.

Our international mentorship course was launched for the staff of Palmeiras Soccer Club in a closed-session format. Palmeiras is one of the most popular and successful soccer clubs in all of Brazil. The club has won 13 national competitions, more than any other club in the country. The very first Athletic Lab Phase 1 Mentorship program was delivered to the entire physical preparation staff of the legendary soccer club in March of 2018.

Graduates of the recent 3 day course become the first in the world to be eligible for the much anticipated third phase of our mentorship. Each phase builds on the previous one with more advanced concepts and applications. The third phase is a truly immersive experience that is held on-site at the Athletic Lab headquarters in North Carolina, USA.

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Athletic Lab Coaching Mentorship

Advance your career and learn the Athletic Lab way of training through our 3 phase evidence-based and field-proven coaching education course.
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