Athletic Lab, in partnership with ELITE Training, held a Phase 1 international mentorship on the first weekend in September. Almost 30 coaches attended the course in Porto, Portugal. Porto is the second largest city in Portugal.  ELITE Training is one of the largest coaching education companies in the world. Athletic Lab has been working with ELITE Training since 2017 to bring the three phase course to Portugal and Brazil.

The mentorship provides an in-depth understanding of the Athletic Lab training philosophy. Our mentorship covers both the underlying sports science and practical applications. The course is modeled after our on-site coaching mentorship program. The mentorship combines academic and experiential learning to prepare sport performance and fitness coaches to excel. Athletic Lab is recognized around the world for our coaching education initiatives. We provide online and in-person lectures and seminars around the world.

Hundreds of coaches in Portugal and Brazil have taken our international mentorship course this year. Istanbul and Taiwan will host courses later this year. The course has been delivered to many of the top coaches in the world including the entire physical preparation staffs of Palmeiras Soccer Club and Vitória de Guimarães Soccer Club.

Graduates of the recent 3 day course are eligible to attend the second and third phases of the course. Each phase builds on the previous one with more advanced concepts and applications. The third phase is a truly immersive experience. We host the third phase on-site at the Athletic Lab headquarters in North Carolina, USA.

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Athletic Lab Coaching Mentorship

Advance your career and learn the Athletic Lab way of training through our 3 phase evidence-based and field-proven coaching education course.
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