Episode #7 of the podcast features Dan Baker. Dan is a strength and power coach, researcher, and educator. Dan has a PhD in sport science specializing in velocity based training, and strength and power training. Dan was the strength coach for the Brisbane Broncos for nearly 20 years and won league titles in 1997, 1998, 2000, and 2006. Dan also serves as the president of the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association.

This podcast will discuss many aspects of velocity based training protocols and his experiences with the technology over the course 20 plus years. Topics include:

  • The availability of velocity based training (VBT).
  • How the use of VBT changed over the years.
  • VBT and intent during the session.
  • Prediction of 1RM power and strength tests using VBT.
  • VBT as a means of measuring readiness.
  • How to lift hard and stay fresh during the in-season.
  • Coaching intuition.