Dr. Matt Arthur of 919 Spine

Athletic Lab is proud to announce a partnership with 919 Spine. As of May 2017, 919 Spine has opened within our facility and is aimed at providing high quality chiropractic care to both general population and athletes. Dr. Matthew Arthur has been a member of the Athletic Lab community for over 5 years. He has a wealth of experience working with athletes from a wide range of backgrounds. He aims to address the needs of the individual and help them not only stay pain free, but perform better and avoid the risk of injury. Dr. Arthur assesses each individual’s movement pattern to get an understanding for what is causing the patient’s pain rather than just addressing the site of pain. This helps him to correct the underlying dysfunctions that are causing the pain and create a long term solution rather than just providing short term pain relief. By combining his experience as an athlete, with his knowledge of human anatomy, Dr. Arthur is an excellent addition to our facility.

I’m excited to have Dr. Matt Arthur and 919 Spine in our facility. I’ve been personally seeing Matt for years so when the opportunity to have him join us at Athletic Lab it was a no-brainer. With Athletic Lab, Raleigh Orthopaedic and now 919 Spine all under one roof we have a comprehensive All-Star team for training, injury management, return-to-play and pain management. I know our members and athletes will be in good hands with 919 Spine.

– Mike Young, PhD
Athletic Lab Director of Performance & Research