Athletic Lab Phase One Mentorship in Porto, Portugal

Athletic Lab, in partnership with ELITE Training, held a Phase 1 international mentorship on the first weekend in September. Almost 30 coaches attended the course in Porto, Portugal. Porto is the second largest city in Portugal.  ELITE Training is one of the largest coaching education companies in the world. Athletic Lab has been working with ELITE Training since 2017 to bring the three phase course to Portugal and Brazil. The mentorship provides an in-depth understanding of the Athletic Lab training philosophy. Our mentorship covers both the underlying sports science and practical applications. The course is modeled after our on-site coaching mentorship program. The mentorship combines academic and experiential learning to prepare sport performance and fitness coaches to excel. Athletic Lab is recognized around the world for our coaching education initiatives. We provide online and in-person lectures and seminars around the world. Hundreds of coaches in Portugal and Brazil have taken our international mentorship course this year. Istanbul and Taiwan will host courses later this year. The course has been delivered to many of the top coaches in the world including the entire physical preparation staffs of Palmeiras Soccer Club and Vitória de Guimarães Soccer Club. Graduates of the recent 3 day course are eligible to attend the second and third phases of the course. Each phase builds on the previous one with more advanced concepts and applications. The third phase is a truly immersive experience. We host the third phase on-site at the Athletic Lab headquarters in North Carolina, USA.

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2019 Labor Day Schedule

In observance of Labor Day, Athletic Lab in Cary will follow a condensed class schedule. Please note the following schedule for Monday August 2nd, 2019: Performance Fitness CrossFit: 9 am and 11 am Performance Fitness Foundations: 9 am Scholastic Sports Performance: 10 am Performance Fitness Endurance: 10 am Weightlifting: 11 am Open gym will be available from 9 am-12:30 pm. Our normal training schedule will resume on Tuesday August, 3rd.

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Athletic Lab Weightlifting Hosts Fundraiser WOD for National Competition

The Athletic Lab Weightlifting Team is asking for help in sending several athletes and coach Jarrod Nobbe to the American Open Series 3 competition in Daytona, Florida on September 12-15th. Athletic Lab is hosting a workout, open to anyone willing to show support, to bring awareness to our hardworking Weightlifting team and help raise money for their 4 day trip. On Saturday September 7th at 10:00 AM, join our coaches, weightlifters, and fellow members for a fun workout that will be both individual and team based (see below). Any and all donations are appreciated, and can be made HERE via GoFundMe, or in person during the workout. This will be the first National meet for some weightlifters and another shot at the spotlight for others lifting on the Big Stage. The American Open Series 3 is the last American Open Series Meet leading into the American Open Final in Salt Lake City, Utah in December.   The Workout: "Crossfit Total" Back Squat Max Shoulder Press Max Deadlift Max *Athletes get 3 attempts at each lift to achieve their best total (weightlifting style). Failed attempts count, choose wisely!   3 Person Team WOD - 15' Amrap Partner A: Row 500m before rotating Partners B & C: Amrap, alternating rounds 12 KB Swings + 10 V-ups + 8 Pushups *Score = rounds + reps

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Myers wins Silver at Masters World Weighlifting Championships

Congratulations to the ageless Barry Myers for bringing home a silver medal at the Masters World Weightlifting Championships. The meet took place in Montreal, Quebec and brought together the top masters competitors from around the world. Barry made all 6 of his lifts for a total of 158 kg. Myers lifted in the 67 kg weight class / 60-64 year age division. Barry Myers is a multi-time National, Pan American and World Champion in weightlifting. Earlier in the year, Myers won a National Championship in Salt Lake City. In Salt Lake City, Barry totaled 158 kg total (75kg snatch, 83kg clean & jerk) in the 67 kg / 60-64 year age division. The Athletic Lab Weightlifting Club provides training, learning and competitive opportunities for athletes looking to get involved in the sport of weightlifting. Athletic Lab is the best equipped training center for weightlifting in the Triangle. Level 2 USA Weightlifting coach Jarrod Nobbe leads the club. The Athletic Lab Weightlifting Club has a long history of success producing athletes at the National and International level. Every member of our staff are certified USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coaches. Contact us today if you’re interested in joining our club.

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Scholastic Sports Performance Fall Schedule

Athletic Lab will modify our Scholastic Sports Performance schedule on August 26th to reflect the change in student's availability as they return to school. The morning Scholastic Sports Performance classes will be removed from the schedule beginning on Monday August 26th. These classes are seasonal and offered when school is not in session. Our afternoon and evening group classes will still be offered at the regular time slots. Private training sessions, Scholastic Prep and NCFC Youth Sports Performance Training will be unaffected. The schedule for Scholastic Sports Performance group training will be as follows: Monday through Friday 3:45 - 5 pm Monday through Friday 5 - 6:15 pm Saturday: 11 - 12:15 pm Our group Scholastic Sports Performance program consists of 75 minute sessions led by our expert coaches. The program takes athletes through a planned and progressive 13 week training program. The program coincides with the high school sports competitive calendar to ensure success in the athlete's sport. Each 13 week block develops strength, speed, power and conditioning to help high school athletes excel in their sport and reduce their likelihood for injury. The program is explicitly designed to build physical capacities over the course of a season so athletes are at their best during championship periods.

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Athletic Lab Phase 2 Mentorship in São Paulo, Brazil

This weekend, over 30 coaches completed the very first Athletic Lab Phase 2 Mentorship. The course took place at the prestigious Reebok Sports Club in São Paulo, Brazil.  The mentorship was delivered in partnership with ELITE Training. ELITE Training is one of the largest coaching education companies in the world. Athletic Lab has worked with ELITE Training since 2017 to bring our 3 phase course to Brazil and Portugal. The second phase of the course is designed to build on the content provided in Phase 1. It provides a more in-depth understanding of the techniques, means and methods that Athletic Lab uses in the high performance environment. Each phase of the course is a mixture of lecture and hands-on learning aimed at preparing sport performance and fitness coaches to excel. Athletic Lab is known around the world for our coaching education initiatives. Over the past decade, Athletic Lab has provided both lectures and seminars around the world and are considered a leader in the online coaching education space. Our international mentorship course was launched for the staff of Palmeiras Soccer Club in a closed-session format. Palmeiras is one of the most popular and successful soccer clubs in all of Brazil. The club has won 13 national competitions, more than any other club in the country. The very first Athletic Lab Phase 1 Mentorship program was delivered to the entire physical preparation staff of the legendary soccer club in March of 2018. Graduates of the recent 3 day course become the first in the world to be eligible for the much anticipated third phase of our mentorship. Each phase builds on the previous one with more advanced concepts and applications. The third phase is a truly [...]

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Mike Young delivers keynote at the 2019 Exxentric High Performance Clinic

Athletic Lab’s Mike Young recently returned from Edwardsville, Illinois where he provided his second keynote presentation of the year at the Exxentric High Performance Clinic. Coach Young presented on his use of flywheel based training methods for elite track and field athletes. Flywheel training provides an iso-inertial resistance that allows athletes to overload the athlete’s ability to generate eccentric force. Exxentric is the world’s leading manufacturer of Flywheel resistance training technology.  Young spoke at the previous Exxentric conference in Stockholm, Sweden in 2017. Young is slated to deliver an additional keynote at the ASCA International Conference later this year. If you are interested in having Dr. Young and any other Athletic Lab staff lecture or provide a private workshop for your organization please contact us for details.

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Member of the Month: Zack Lappenbusch

Athletic Lab is the training home of professional and elite athletes as well as adults looking to get in the best shape of their lives. In the previous month, we had four athletes win a World Cup with the US Women's National Team and 2 athletes represent the Athletic Lab Track Club at the USA Track & Field National Championships. But Athletic Lab is far more than just elite athletes. We have emerging athletes at all levels as well as fitness and wellness enthusiasts. The common thread in our vibrant and diverse community is being goal-oriented and hard-working. Each month we highlight one (or more) of our members in our member of the month feature. For our August member of the month, we've chosen Zack Lappenbusch.  Zack is a member of our Weightlifting Club. He recently qualified for the 2019 USA Weightlifting Youth Nationals which will be held in Anaheim, CA. Zack competes in the 73 kg weight class. The Athletic Lab Weightlifting Club has a long history of success at the National and International levels. You can check out our previous members of the month here. Name: Zack Lappenbusch What city were you born in? Mixco, Guatemala What do you do when you’re not working out at Athletic Lab (occupation, hobbies, etc)? When I’m not working out I’m in school or photographing! What’s your favorite exercise? Least favorite? My favorite exercise is probably the clean and jerk and my least favorite is probably snatch pulls. What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment since you started training? I think my greatest accomplishment has been making it to Youth Nationals in Anaheim. What motivates you? My teammates motivate me as well as my coach; [...]

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Mike Young presents at 2019 Child to Champion Conference

Athletic Lab's Dr. Mike Young recently returned from Gloucester, UK where he gave a practical session on sprinting mechanical analysis to the coaches in attendance at the 2019 Child to Champion Conference. The conference was hosted by Proformance Strength & Conditioning. The International Conference featured many of the top minds in the world on Long Term Athlete Development. Leading practitioners working across the developmental continuum shared their experiences from various settings including Professional Sport, Professional Academies, Primary and Secondary Schools and Private Settings. Proformance is a UK based company. Proformance has a long history of working with Athletic Lab. Most notably, the 2 companies have partnered to host the High Performance Athletic Development Conference. The company is known around the world for their coaching education initiatives including the industry leading video-on-demand Online Hub. If you are interested in having Dr. Young and any other Athletic Lab staff lecture or provide a private workshop for your organization please contact us for details.

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Jack Flood leads Athletic Lab at USATF Championships

Multi-event athlete Jack Flood led the Athletic Lab Track Club with an 8th place finish in the Decathlon at the USA Track & Field Outdoor National Championships in Des Moines, IA.  Flood set lifetime personal bests in 4 of the 10 individual events. Jack set personal bests in the 100m (11.07), 400m (50.26), 110m Hurdles (14.04), and pole vault (4.50m) on his way to a personal best overall score of 7,711 points. The decathlon is considered the ultimate test of athleticism. The event is contested over 2 days and consists of 10 events split between running, throwing and jumping disciplines. Jack previously represented ALTC at the Indoor National championships where he placed 3rd in the heptathlon. Athletic Lab Track Club's Nate Bruno also competed in the 400m Hurdles. Jack Flood took home third at the 2019 Indoor National Championships The Athletic Lab Track Club provides world class coaching and a supportive training environment for post-collegiate athletes as they pursue national and international competitive careers. The Athletic Lab Track Club has a long history of success at the elite level having produced multiple national champions and international competitors. This is particularly true in the heptathlon and decathlon with 5 athletes having won National Championships or Masters National Championships and 1 having won a Masters World Championship. Most notably, Eric Broadbent won the 2012 Indoor National Championships in the heptathlon with a score of 5,908 and competed in the 2012 Olympic Olympic trials. Also, Jef Souza is the current American Masters record holder in the Pentathlon in 2 age categories and has won multiple National and World Championships in the multi-events.

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