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Just like sports, the field of Athletic Development is competitive. To make your mark, you must set yourself apart from your peers. The Athletic Lab internship program is one of the best possible ways to do this. We offer seasonal internships that provide both experience and educational opportunities. Our internships are invaluable for professional development and job placement. You will learn from some of the best Athletic Development coaches in world while gaining practical experience that you can easily apply to real world training.

Check out some of our recent internship experiences:

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An Athletic Lab internship provides hands-on education and can serve as a launch pad to future career opportunities.
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2014 Summer Interns with Dr. Mike Young

2014 Summer Interns with Dr. Mike Young

The Athletic Lab internship program is highly competitive and will provide you with an opportunity to separate yourself from the pack. The following are just a handful of the benefits of the Athletic Lab internship program:

  • You will mentor directly under Athletic Lab’s coaches, including Athletic Lab Owner & Internship Director Dr. Mike Young
  • You will have the opportunity to attend weekly professional development meetings taught by Dr. Young where you will learn about training theory, program design, speed development, best practices of strength training, athlete monitoring, and much more!
  • You will observe and even assist in the training of athletes at the elite high school, collegiate and professional levels
  • We provide opportunities to establish yourself as a contributor to the field of sports science through blog writing, which is syndicated across multiple social media channels
  • You will attend workshops on the latest technology in applied sports science including a team Polar heart rate monitoring system, velocity based training technology system, isoinertial resistance devices, ultrasound body composition, and much more
  • We gladly provide references and referrals for positive experiences
  • Our network within the health fitness and sport performance world is large, which has the potential to open many doors
  • Job placements at Universities, Sports Performance Centers, or other Training Centers upon successful completion of our internship program is in excess of 90%
  • All Athletic Lab staff were hired from within the organization and 90% of our staff were former Athletic Lab interns. Your internship is a great opportunity for you to learn the Athletic Lab system while showcasing your talent and ability.
InternshipsOur internship provides a mixture of education and experience of what it’s like to work in the Sports Performance Training industry. The following is a short description of the expectations for successful applicants to the Athletic Lab internship program:

  • Internships are unpaid
  • Domestic and international applicants are welcome
  • Experience in strength and conditioning, sports performance, sports science or a related field is required
  • We request current enrollment or recent completion of a degree in an accredited Sports Science academic program
  • Successful completion of the internship requires:
    • 400 total hours
    • A minimum of 8 hours per week outside of special circumstances
    • Completion of our curriculum of projects and assignments
  • Your time will be split between:
    • Training related experience in the form of shadowing and coaching assistance
    • Administrative and day-to-day operations (like client outreach, market assistance / research, facility maintenance, etc)
    • Professional development and education (attending seminars and workshops, completing assignments, writing blogs, etc)