Mentorship Application

Please apply by filling out the details below. Due to the number and quality of applicants for our mentorship programs we strongly suggest distinguishing yourself with a short 2 minute video in the link box at the end of the application.

We have three tracks for the internship program. There is considerable crossover between the 3 groups however each has a slightly different focus which is reflected in the assignments and curriculum. There are approximately 5-8 positions available for coaching, 1-3 positions available for applied sports science, and 1-2 positions available for sport management.
Please provide your desired start date. We can be flexible on exact start and end dates however we only take on a limited number of interns at a time.

There is a minimum commitment of 8 hours per week for the mentorship. More than this is not required and your commitment hours per week will not affect your admission. We ask for commitment level so we can better plan the mentorship around those who will be attending.

Please provide an updated resume in PDF or MS Word format. References are suggested. Maximum size 10MB.