12115818_10153392270417035_1925396623335842051_nOur Performance Fitness Endurance Team took to this year’s Ninja Challenge 5km course. This year’s course had 15 grueling obstacles and the team finished with 3 top twenty finishers in the male and female categories and took home the team title for the second straight year. Endurance Team Head Coach Stephanie Shaw finished 3rd overall (30:19) and Nina Fricker placed 13th overall (36:27) in the female category. The men’s side was lead by Tristan York who placed 9th in the men’s division (27:08).

The Ninja Challenge is a 5k obstacle race that tests the “Ninja” fitness of competitors by running up walls, climbing over walls, and jumping over water. The Ninja Challenge goes beyond a simple race to test athleticism and endurance over 15 challenging obstacles.