With the successful launch of our NCFC Youth Training program, Athletic Lab is excited to announce an option for those players who are entering their competitive season and wish to continue their training. Physical development is an ongoing process and does not end when the season begins. It’s very important to continue sports performance training to ensure that an athlete is progressing during the season and not losing the gains they made in the off-season. Research evidence suggests that soccer players can lose fitness very quickly (1, 2) even during the season. but reduced volume high intensity training will help to minimize losses and can even continue to improve performance. Our in-season NCFC Youth Training option looks to address these needs with a specialized program that has the same elements of our original planned and progressive training while being a more sustainable and flexible option for those players in the midst of a demanding sport and academic schedule. Like the original program, our in-season option will address the specific needs of the individual athlete as determined by pre-session testing. The details of the program are as follows:

  • Format: Up to six 75 minutes sessions to be used at the athletes convenience over a 6 week block.
  • Focus: Each session will address strength, speed, change of direction and power in a manner that is suitable for an in-season athlete.
  • Schedule: Friday at 6:15 pm; Sunday at 11 am (for both in-season and out-of-season athletes)
  • Cost: $99.95
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In-Season Training for Soccer Athletes

Soccer specific speed, strength & power training optimized for the in-season athlete. Planned & progressive training while being a sustainable and flexible option for players in the midst of the season.

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