Injuries are no fun. They can limit what you want to do and hurt athletic performance. And even if you’re not a competing athlete they’re still painful. Thankfully, most musculoskeletal injuries can be easily addressed through appropriate therapy. And if you take care of yourself and address small issues before they become long-term chronic problems you’ll have better performance and less time in the ER.

Most injuries are like weeds…you only see what’s on the surface and the underlying causes (the roots) often go unaddressed. Identifying the pain is only the beginning. Finding and addressing the root of the pain is much more difficult. Successful rehab and injury prevention must attempt to trace back to the problem and kill the roots not just the weeds. That’s why Athletic Lab strives to provide a comprehensive list of services to ensure that our clients can stay healthy and achieve their top performance. Our training staff understands how the body works to ensure that the likelihood of injury is minimized but if an injury should occur our in-house Physical Therapist, massage therapist, and musculoskeletal therapist can ensure that you get back to your life and your sport as quickly as possible.