Kincaid Young with Athletic Lab Weightlifting Coach Jarrod Nobbe

Athletic Lab Weightlifting Junior athlete Kincaid Young brought home 3 bronze medals at the USA Weightlifting Junior Nationals in Lombard, IL. Competing in his first National Meet, 18 year old Kincaid placed third in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Total. Young competed in the 102 kg (224 lb) weight class and successfully hit 4 of his 6 lifts. Kincaid finished the day with bests of 121 kg (266 lb) in the snatch, 155 kg (341 lb) in the clean & jerk, and a 276 kg total (607 lb).

The Athletic Lab weightlifting team has a long history of success domestically and internationally including several Junior National Championships competitors, National and Masters National Championship competitors and multiple Pan Am and World Masters Champions.