Athletic Lab is made up of a diverse group of goal-oriented and hard-working individuals. That’s why we take a moment each month to highlight one (or more) of our members in our member of the month feature. For the month of December, we’ve chosen Stacey Hamilton. Stacey has been a part of the Athletic Lab community since 2012 and is a member of our Performance Fitness Program. After over five years as a member, she continues to challenge herself every day, often setting new PRs. Stacey is a perfect example of the amazing community of members we have at Athletic Lab. You can check out our previous members of the month here.

Name: Stacey Hamilton

What city were you born in? Trenton, Tennessee (about 80 miles NE of Memphis)

What do you do when you’re not working out at Athletic Lab (occupation, hobbies, etc)? I work in technical communications at SAS. I am an editor for customer-facing collateral, white papers, documents, and so on. Joel and I are season ticket holders of the Carolina Panthers and the University of Tennessee Volunteers football team, so traveling to games takes up a lot of our time in the fall. We also love going to concerts and music festivals.

How did you first hear about Athletic Lab? I had been doing longer road races for a few years (half marathons and the like), and I was bored with just running. And I knew I needed to do some strength training but was not motivated to do that on my own. I’d heard about Athletic Lab but can’t remember how. Although I remember being completely intimidated at the beginning, Greg Maness (the 7 am coach at the time) was so welcoming. I started attending 3-4 times a week (usually at 7 am) and fell in love with it. Nothing challenges me like the classes, and I’ve met so many people whom I’m happy to call friends. It is truly a community and a challenge. A challenging community (in more ways than one—haha).

Favorite class/time to workout? Mostly 5 pm, but I have a special place in my heart for 11 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That class is definitely “special.”

Favorite Athletic Lab event/race? Beer Olympics! Who doesn’t like drinking beer through a straw while doing a handstand?

What’s your favorite exercise? Least favorite? Oddly enough, I have lots of favorites: power cleans, burpees, sled pushes, push-ups. Anyone who knows anything about me knows my least favorite: front squats.

Is there anything you have done at Athletic Lab that you never thought you could do? Most of the stuff I’ve done at Athletic Lab I never thought I would be able to do.

What motivates you? First, I don’t want to ever feel old or limited by age (although I know that day will eventually come). Second, I’m motivated by all the awesome people I work out with and the great staff at Athletic Lab. Third, I want to drink wine.