Athletic Lab’s Dr. Mike Young recently provided a workshop on “Weightlifting for Sports” in São Paulo, Brazil. The 2 day event featured almost 50 coaches and was organized by ELITE Training Brazil which is the top coaching education company in South America. Mike provided 4 lectures and 4 learn by doing sessions covering how to implement weightlifting and weightlifting derived movements in to the training programs of athletes.

ELITE Training Brazil has partnered with Athletic Lab to bring our 3 phase coaching mentorship to Brazil and Portugal. The first mentorship event was held in May of 2018 as a privately hosted event for the legendary Palmeiras Soccer Club. In January 2019, the first mentorship open to the public will be provided at the Reebok Sports Club in São Paulo. The event is already sold out but there are still spaces available for other dates. Check the ELITE Training site for details.

If you are interested in having Dr. Young and any other Athletic Lab staff lecture or provide a private workshop for your organization please contact us for details.