To maximize the gains from the training you do you need to fuel your body like it’s a sports car. If you put low-octane fuel and expect your body to operate like a high horse-powered vehicle you’ll quickly be disappointed. Our in-house nutritional expert, Doretta Gaudreau, has helped us put together some research-based, common sense guidelines to follow to get the most out of your training. Here’s a snippet:

So, more carbs? I thought when training, I should eat more protein?
A high protein diet has been proven beneficial for athletes and weight loss, however, our bodies main fuel source is glucose which is most abundant in carbohydrates. Low glycemic carbohydrates are more favorable because they induce a lower insulin response. High glycemic index foods such as white bread and processed foods cause a high insulin response. Chronic elevation of insulin can cause hyperinsulinism which has been linked obesity, high blood pressure and several other diseases.

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