Lab Rats Youth Physical Literacy Program

A fun and empowering program taught by experienced coaches who’ll build an appreciation for health and fitness in younger children.

The Lab Rats program offers kids the opportunity to develop basic physical competencies and general fitness in a fun and engaging environment. The goal is to empower children and promote a healthy lifestyle with physical activity. The class is designed to be challenging and fun with just the right amount of competitiveness. Kids will learn motor skills while developing fitness. Classes will be taught by coaches who carefully monitor correct exercise form and provide appropriate modifications when necessary. Best practices for pedagogy and discover based learning will be employed. Most importantly, our coaches will ensure kids have fun. We require students to have successfully completed the 1st grade to enter the Lab Rats program. Kids will have fun and get fit doing activities like:
  • Rope Climbing
  • Basic Tumbling and Gymnastics
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Throwing Medicine Balls
  • Run Relay Races
  • Fun Games and much more!

Lab Rats Youth Development Program

Build a lifetime appreciation for fitness and health. Join the Lab Rats program TODAY!