Our Sport Performance programs offer elite coaching and world class training services to athletes from youth to elite professional.

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Athletic Development For School Age Athletes

Athletic Lab's scholastic training program has produced some of the most successful athletes in the Triangle.The program is intended for athletes from 7th through 12th grade. We provide the same science-based, field-proven training methods that we use with our professional athletes in an age and developmentally appropriate manner. Programs are based on an individual assessment and take in to account the athletes sport, special needs, and schedule availability. We provide the option for private and / or small group training for athletes for varying durations of commitment and our expert coaches are able adjust training to maximize performance whether the athlete is in their off-season or in the midst of a championship run.
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Andres Torres- World Series Champion

Andres Torres- World Series Champion

Professional athletes demand specialized training from highly qualified and experienced coaches. The Athletic Lab coaching staff are no strangers to training professional athletes having worked with pros in the NFL, CFL, MLB, MLS, NHL, NASL, and PGA. From Super Bowl Champions to World Series Champions, Athletic Lab has helped the best in the world become better. Athletic Lab training methods have been sought out by professional athletes and teams around the globe. Because the specific requirements of all athletes are unique we do not have flat rates for this service.

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Elite Sport Performance Training

Under the coaching of Dr. Mike Young, Athletic Lab provides specialized preparation for Olympic Sport athletes. Most notably, we specialize in the preparation of Track & Field, Weightlifting, Skeleton, & Bobsled athletes. Training as part of our Olympic development group is a serious commitment that has many benefits. This program has been extremely successful, producing dozens of Nationally ranked athletes including several National Champions & 1 World Champion. If accepted in to the program, you will receive:

  • Full time coaching from Dr. Mike Young
  • Use of Athletic Lab & partner facilities for un-compromised training
  • Training with a group of talented & highly motivated athletes
  • Discounted access to our medical network for nutrition, chiropractic care, massage therapy, & Podiatry
  • Discounted access to WADA approved supplements

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Combine Preparation Sport PerformanceTests are frequently used to evaluate the worth of a player. These tests are often the times an opportunity for an athlete to make a significant impression on coaches, owners, and general managers. With such huge stakes on the line, it is important that a player be prepared. As the name indicates, Athletic Lab’s Combine Training is individualized to your specific strengths and weaknesses and tailored to meet the demands of the tests that you will be evaluated on. The training you receive will make you as strong, fast, and powerful as possible. The staff at Athletic Lab have prepared many athletes for the MLB, NBA, and NFL pre-draft and pro-day tests.  Athletic Lab’s Test Specific Preparation will separate you from the competition. Because the specific requirements of all athletes are unique we do not have flat rates for this service.
  • NFL Combine Preparation
  • NFL Mini-Camp Preparation
  • NBA Training and Pre-Draft Preparation
  • MLB Spring Training Preparation
Because the specific requirements of all athletes are unique we do not have flat rates for this service. Contact us now for more information.