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Come to Athletic Lab to find out what you’re made of. Literally. We use the BodyMetrix Ultrasound system to accurately measure percent body fat, daily caloric expenditure and optimal caloric intake. The BodyMetrix system is ideal to use when assessing and reassessing your body composition. Unlike other methods of body composition testing, results with the Body Metrix system are not affected by hydration, caffeine, or exercise. The test is quick and easy, it doesn’t require any underwater submersion or embarrassing pinching.


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Biomechanics is the study of human movement. In short, biomechanics is what most coaches and athletes refer to as technique. An Athletic Lab biomechanical analysis or consultation involves the systematic observation and introspective judgment of a given human movement with the purpose of providing the most appropriate intervention and advice for improved performance. In other words, Athletic Lab can make you more mechanically efficient at whatever you do, which will in turn lead to increased performance and decreased likelihood of injury. Athletic Lab offers several levels of movement analysis to meet the specific needs of every budget and circumstance.