Schedule Changes Begin February 19th

Athletic Lab constantly monitors our member’s attendance tendencies and modifies our schedule to better accommodate their needs. Beginning February 19th, Athletic Lab will make the following changes to our schedule:

Performance Fitness Group Training:

Our Performance Fitness schedule will undergo minor changes. We will be increasing our 11am CrossFit frequency to 3 times per week and changing the days from Tuesday and Thursday to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Similarly, we will be reducing our 9am Senza frequency to 2 times per week and changing the days from Monday, Wednesday and Friday to Tuesday and Thursday. We are also removing our 7 pm Performance Fitness CrossFit on Wednesday evenings.


  • Mon / Wed / Fri: Performance Fitness CrossFit 11 am
  • Tues / Thurs: Performance Fitness Senza 9 am


  • Tues / Thurs: Performance Fitness CrossFit 11 am
  • Mon / Wed / Fri: Performance Fitness Senza 9 am
  • Wed: Performance Fitness CrossFit 7pm


We will be shortening the session times for weightlifting from 75 minutes to 60 minutes and adding a 5th coached session to the training schedule. Beginning on February 19th, weightlifting will now be offered Monday through Thursday from 6  – 7 pm, and Saturday from 11-12 pm. As always, weightlifting athletes are free to begin training before or after the start of the session but moving forward the session will be coached as noted above.

Scholastic Sports Performance Group Training:

We are removing our Thursday 6:30 pm Scholastic sports performance group training class. The 6:30 pm class will continue to be offered on Monday and Wednesday.

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