Effective Monday, April 29th, Athletic Lab will be making changes to our schedule and Performance Fitness Fee structure.

Schedule Changes

Athletic Lab regularly makes changes to our schedule to reflect the demand for our various classes and time slots. Please note the following schedule changes:

  • Performance Fitness Endurance class will be added to the schedule on Thursday at 11 am
  • Scholastic Prep class will be added to the schedule on Tuesday at 5 pm
  • Scholastic Sports Performance Class on Mondays at 6:30 pm will no longer be offered

Pricing Changes

Effective Monday, April 29th, all new Athletic Lab  Performance Fitness memberships will be priced at the following fee schedule. All individuals with a membership started prior to April 29, 2019 will be ‘grandfathered’ at their current membership fee and may stay at that price plan as long as they remain a member. If a membership lapses and the member decides to return at a later time, the ‘grandfathered’ pricing will no longer apply.

We realize cost increases are never fun but in our continued effort to provide the best possible training experience with the best coaches, and most well maintained and equipped facility the price increase is necessary. We have not increased our Performance Fitness membership pricing for over 3 years. During this time period, we’ve added multiple classes, upgraded the facility and purchased new equipment. Additionally, our staff regularly partakes in costly continuing education to remain ahead of our competitors. After examining both the local and national market we are confident that our new pricing is not only fair but remains an extreme value versus our competitors. In fact, our prices remain considerably below the local average for similar fitness programs despite Athletic Lab boasting the largest and most well equipped facility and most experienced and credentialed staff.