Athletic Lab’s Coaching and Applied Sports Science Mentorship program is recognized around the world as a pathway to future success. The extensive and rigorous program is designed to develop future leaders in the field of sports performance and fitness. Every year we accept approximately 30 applicants to the program from around the world out of a pool of over 200. The mentorship program has featured coaches and sports scientists from 29 different states and 14 different countries. Many applicants have obtained or are pursuing post-graduate degrees and many have work experience at the college or professional level. The program restarts every quarter with Summer mentorship group being our largest. Here is our 2018 Summer Mentorship Group.

Name: Alex Penner
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Degree: B.A. in Exercise & Sport Science
Hobbies: Aside from sports and fitness, my primary hobby is making music.  My main instrument is guitar, but I have more recently gotten into music production and beat making.
Favorite aspect of being at Athletic Lab? Interacting with the members and helping them to improve their exercise technique.
What you hope to learn while at Athletic Lab: How to coach and program for a wide variety of populations (both athletic & general population). I also want to learn more about running a successful athletic performance facility in the private sector.

Name: Allison Butler
Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
School: Walsh University
Degree: B.S. Exercise Science Pre-Physical Therapy; Certificate of Sports Management
Hobbies: Exploring new places and foods as well as trying new activities
Favorite aspect of being at Athletic Lab: The exposure to numerous high-level coaches and athletes within the sport performance industry.
What you hope to learn while at Athletic Lab: How to construct educated programs, how to operate a sport performance business, and how to handle and adapt to return to play athletes and injury limitations/setbacks.

Name: Alexander Brown
Hometown: Lexington, KY
School: Virginia Commonwealth University
Degree: M.S. in Health and Movement Sciences with a concentration in Exercise Science
Hobbies: Hiking or going to the lake with my fiancé and dogs, training toss and fetch with our border collie, exploring breweries, reading research.
Favorite aspect of being at Athletic Lab: The numerous learning opportunities provided through HPAD and the CPD lectures. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to shadow sessions with both of the professional soccer teams in the area- NCFC and NC Courage.
What you hope to learn while at Athletic Lab: About the technology AL has to offer- how to use and implement most effectively. Ultimately, through all AL has to offer, I hope to build a toolbox that will help me to become the best S&C coach I can be.

Name: Vanessa Batchelor
Hometown: Nashville, NC
School: North Carolina Wesleyan College; UNCG
Degree: Exercise Physiology- Strength and Conditioning
Hobbies: Climbing, being outdoors, and learning new cultures
Favorite aspect of being at Athletic Lab: Learning the process behind training an NWSL team and being exposed to new, diverse health science applications.
What you hope to learn at Athletic Lab: More knowledge regarding the strength and conditioning aspects for elite soccer players and competitive teams.

Name: Robert Duncan
Hometown: Ledyard, CT
School: ETSU
Degree: Kinesiology and Sport Studies / Exercise Physiology and Performance
Hobbies: Playing Lacrosse and Cycling
Favorite aspect of being at Athletic Lab: The engagement and enthusiasm of the members participating in the Performance Fitness classes.
What you hope to learn at Athletic Lab: More about building buy-in with those I train and develop more as a coach.

Name: Ryan Williams
Hometown: Denver, CO
School: Texas Christian University
Degree: BS Strength and Conditioning- Physical Education
Hobbies: Soccer for NC Courage, yoga
Favorite aspect of being at Athletic Lab: Having the opportunity to learn from each individual coach, and interact with all of the athletes that are striving to improve their strength, fitness, and athletic performance.
What you hope to learn at Athletic Lab: How to best motivate and appropriately train athletes who are returning from injury. My goal as a future coach would be for the injured athlete to come back mentally and physically stronger/more efficient than before.

Name: Will Peterson
Hometown: Apex, NC
School: North Carolina State
Degree: BA in History with minors in Philosophy and English Literature
Hobbies: Bicycles, Weightlifting, and vintage stereo equipment
Favorite aspect of being at Athletic Lab: Learning new ways to help people — elite athletes, developing athletes, and general population athletes — make the most of their athletic potential.
What you hope to learn at Athletic Lab: Ideas and practices that I can pass along to future coaches and athletes with the goal of improving their performances and making the best use of the time they have to offer.

Name: David Hollinger
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
School: George Mason University; Stevens Institute of Technology
Degree: B.Sc. and M.S. in Biomedical Engineering / Biomechanics
Hobbies: Long distance running
Favorite aspect of being at Athletic Lab: Learning and implementing the training philosophy at the Athletic Lab (Power, Strength, and Speed).
What you hope to learn while at Athletic Lab: How to implement various technologies (e.g. Velocity based training, blood lactate test, Flywheel training) to enhance movement mechanics for running/walking gait.

Name: Maura Coolbaugh
Hometown: Fuquay- Varina, NC
School: UNC-Asheville
Degree: B.S. in Health and Wellness Promotion
Hobbies: Playing soccer, going to the movies, hiking, and baking
Favorite aspect of being at Athletic Lab: Learning how to incorporate my understanding of exercise science with coaching as well as the opportunities I have to both expand my understanding through the CPDs and real-world application.
What you hope to learn at Athletic Lab? Application of sports/exercise science to training and building a training program as well as the proper utilization of technology in those programs.

Name: Harrison Yi
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
School: Texas Tech University
Degree: Business Management
Hobbies: Video games, reading, archery, dog training
Favorite aspect of being at Athletic Lab: The amount of information and the wealth of knowledge I am given on a daily basis.
What do you hope to learn at Athletic Lab: A clear and deep understanding of the foundations of strength and conditioning.