A recent executive order from the state of North Carolina has ordered indoor training at businesses like Athletic Lab to remain closed in response to COVID-19. The most recent order does; however, permit outdoor training as well as training for professional and collegiate athletes. Although we are certain we are able to ensure a safe training environment for our members, Athletic Lab will follow both the letter and spirt of the latest ruling out of deference to our greater community. At the time of this posting, we are expecting to reopen the facility in late June. In the meantime, we are expanding our service offerings based on the loosened restrictions in the aforementioned executive order.

Outdoor Training at Athletic Lab

[The schedule has been updated. Please see here for details.]

Based on the latest executive order, outdoor training is now permissible. Effective Monday, June 1st we will begin offering outdoor training opportunities at Athletic Lab. All training will take place in the space outside of the facility. Reservations by this SPECIAL OUTDOOR RESERVATION PAGE are strongly recommended. Spaces are not guaranteed unless they have been reserved in advance. We recommend you bookmark the reservation link for future use. Participation requires an active Performance Fitness membership and completion of a supplemental waiver. Members may complete the supplemental waiver on their membership management portal. Equipment and a coach will be onsite and outdoors at Athletic Lab from 12 pm to 6 pm Monday through Friday weather permitting. From noon to 5 pm, an Athletic Lab coach and equipment will be available for a supervised ‘open gym’ format. Members may follow our remote programming or do a session of their choosing. From 5 pm to 6pm each day, we will offer an outdoor coached class. The class may take advantage of the individual training bays as well as our outdoor space, including our turf fields.

Individuals will be assigned their own “training bay” to ensure safe social distancing and allow staff to appropriately clean equipment after each use. A maximum of 6 training bays will be available each day unless demand dictates otherwise. Individuals with prior reservations and those attending coached classes will be given priority for space. Time slots will be limited to 60 minutes in the event of a waiting list. In the event outdoor training requires cancellation due to inclement weather conditions a notice will be sent at least 30 minutes prior.

Professional & Collegiate Athlete Training

The aforementioned executive order states:

Professional athletes and athletes performing on an agreement with an educational institution to receive a scholarship or other benefit may train within indoor fitness facilities that otherwise would be closed under Subsection A above, provided they do not exceed the Mass Gathering limit.

As such, we are cautiously resuming training with our professional and collegiate athlete populations. For the purpose of abiding by the letter and spirit of the law, our training services for these two demographics will be defined by the following:

  • Professional Athlete – Any individual training for a professional, national or international athletic event for wages or other remuneration of a compensation recognized by the IRS.
  • Collegiate Athlete – Any individual currently enrolled in an educational institution with the intent to play a sport representing the institution in exchange for a scholarship or other benefit.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in resuming training in Athletic Lab, please contact info@athleticlab.com for details.

Performance Fitness Memberships

Those Performance Fitness members who maintain an active account have access to several different programs to maintain fitness, health, and wellness. By maintaining an active account you are helping Athletic Lab and our coaches to survive during this unprecedented challenge. The following are available to members who maintain their pre-COVID-19 membership in good standing:

  1. Online training through our customized mobile app. We have provided daily workouts and challenges. Members can perform them with minimal to no equipment while physical distancing.
  2. Virtual classes delivered daily via Zoom.
  3. Access to ProCoach, our online nutrition and wellness platform. We’ll be providing free access for at least the next 3 months. Any active member who would like access during our forced closure is welcome.
  4. Access to outdoor training sessions.
  5. Access to an ongoing Healthy Living Challenge.

If you are not partaking in these options and you are interested please contact info@athleticlab.com for details.

New Remote Training Membership

While we greatly appreciate the full support of our active members we understand there may be some who require a reduced financial cost. Due to the recent extension of our facility closure, we are offering a discounted virtual training membership. The new virtual Performance Fitness training membership permits access to online programming and Virtual classes via Zoom. It does not provide access to ProCoach, the Healthy Living Challenge or outdoor training options. Existing members may place their current membership on hold and transfer to this option for the duration of our forced facility closure at a cost of $69.95 for 4 weeks. Pro-rata credit on subsequent bills will be applied for those who do not use the full 4 week remote training membership before the facility reopens. Please contact info@athleticlab.com for details.